November 8

11/09/13: Honest Harmony / Lovers


The Lovers

“Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.” –James A. Baldwin

Well, talk about a rebound romance! Yesterday was crying over the loss. Today is basking in the harmony of The Lovers.

Beyond the obvious romantic overtones of this card, I’m often drawn to the Garden of Eden/Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Bad association. The Lovers is ruled by Gemini, and there’s a feeling of polarity, reflection and choice that goes part and parcel with it’s appearance.

I conceptualize love as a choice, or rather a series of choices. It’s the act of living a set of decisions made day in and out, to see the higher and more noble aspects of the beloved. It’s also a set of decisions to allow ourselves to be genuinely seen, with our imperfections as well as beauties.

There’s a sometimes terrifying level of honesty required. If you are not singing through life with your true voice, any harmony emerging is a false one and hence unsatisfying. But of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll not need to train your voice or expand your skills as you grow.

Today, look to share what is truly “you,” honestly and clearly. Take the risk of being honest and trust that it will come out okay. And by “okay,” I mean right for you, not necessarily what you would choose. Two different things, those are.

Do you feel in true harmony with another (or others)? Why or why not?

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  1. And just yesterday I was reading someone saying exactly the opposite, that she felt like she had no choice in whom she loved! I wonder how the experience differs from person to person. I tend to emphasize the act of how you think influencing how you feel. Maybe it’s that Gemini moon!

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