January 9

01/09/13: Accomplish thy Desire! | Lovers, Chariot



Ah, numbers VI and VII of the Majors show up today together—the Lovers and the Chariot. This seems a powerful combination to achievement. Look for what you love, deep in your heart. Make your thoughts, your words and your actions reflect your love. Commit and live in that commitment. And FOCUS, keep moving, keep going, to drive it home.

The Lovers are associated with Gemini—you need all sides of the issue address. The Lovers I often read as reflective as well—one comes to know oneself through the reflection of themselves via their loved ones. Likewise, you come to know yourself via the reflection of your day-to-day life. What does it show?

Merging this with the Chariot, ruled by Cancer, and you have a tenacity that won’t quit. (Crabs don’t know how to let go, you know!) You have the light and the dark, the yang and the yin, the active and the passive, working in concert with the Chariot. But the form his victory takes is always a function of his drive and determination.

That’s how we do it, too. That’s how we find our own home, and get there. Seek your love, live your love, and focus on moving forward in perfect concert with it.

Tarot recipe for success, right here!

What do you see?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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Radiant Rider Waite, The Chariot, The Lovers

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