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02/27/14: (Loud) Behavior Talks / Ace of Wands Rx


Ace of Wands Rx

Ever notice those times when people say one thing but do another? That’s what the reversed Ace of Wands paired with “Crowning Influences” says to me.

Wands are active energy—Fire element. The Ace is the seed, the very beginning of a new course of action. Seeing that wand portrayed as a pencil writing on a scroll, it suggests tangibly fixing intention by means of action. Inverted, I’m going with inconsistency between presentation and production.

Actions speak loudest, especially when there is a disconnect between how someone presents versus what they actually stand up for via behavior. There’s a saying, “When someone tells you who they are, you should believe them.” Well, believe them even more when they SHOW you who they are.

And show who you are, too, by what you do. (Hey, that rhymes!)

Are you finding “loud” behavior out there?

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