October 11

10/12/13: Lead with the Carrot / Emperor Rx



You don’t have to be heavy handed to maintain order. The reversed Emperor is suggesting to me that those who put their foot down may not receive direct defiance, but probably won’t obtain true cooperation either. Don’t toss out empty ultimatums, lest you undermine your own credibility in the process!

A lesson I learned raising children: All authority is granted through some mix of two potential avenues: by force or by consent. It requires a huge amount of energy to maintain power through force. Power obtained via persuasion and maintained via consent, however, often ends up being internalized and is a whole lot easier to maintain.

Be aware today of how you exercise personal power, as well as how others exercise power over you. Understand that appearances of power do not equate to the reality of power. Vow to use any power you have wisely, with an even hand, and appropriately. Make persuasion the first line of defense, always.

In considering carrot versus stick approaches, start with the carrot and don’t threaten the stick unless you’re prepared to wield that stick.

Are you aware of unusual power dynamics currently?

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Tarot Nova, The Emperor

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