May 30

Rx Knight of Pentacles: Right Now.


“What if?”

That’s a loaded question, often. It can be the fuel of dreams but just as easily, it can fill one’s heart with dread. It’s usually not the circumstances that get us worked up so much as what we worry about coming next.

I’m spending a lot of time with my father who has Alzheimer’s lately. It seems like an advanced course in living in the moment in many respects. When you’re dealing with severe memory issues, it becomes so very clear, that the moment is really all there is.

Funny thing about that, though. All those times we are trying to live somewhere else besides the moment? That’s when we’re really fooling ourselves. All the ways we mentally navigate time can distort reality every bit as much as memory dysfunction.

Coming up, the cards are giving us some advice on this very subject and you can bet your bottom dollar, I’m listening!

Next Week in the Cards

Outlook is the reversed Knight of Pentacles, with advice from the King of Pentacles. (Blurry photo of the Radiant Rider-Waite mini deck courtesy Dixie taking pictures without her glasses on.)

I’m seeing that reversed Knight very simply right now–worrying about problems you don’t have. Fixation on what could happen.

I mean, maybe some of the problems will materialize and maybe not. But no need to fixate! The fixation makes it feel like you’ve got those problems already, you know? It puts you in the vibration and the problem vibration sucks.

So instead of focusing on what you cannot do, let’s look the King here, who makes sure to do what he can to take care of business. It’s an active, helpful, contributing kind of energy. A much different vibration than worry and fear.

The King just does his best to take care of what actually needs to be taken care of. This means start in the mirror and work your way out. Take care of YOU first, and then the ones closest to you. Real, concrete and tangible gestures are great ways to express the energy of the King in the suit of Pentacles.

So in short: worry doesn’t help. But practical, concrete expressions of care for self and others will. So do that! Do the best you can with the now and let the Universe sort everything else. Mercury is fixing to go direct and I’m expecting this to be helpful (along with the Tarot advice for this week.)

So hope you have many great nows and I’m rooting for you over here. Have a good week, friends!

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King of Pentacles, Knight of Pentacles, Radiant Rider Waite

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