October 2

10/02/11: Making Your Own Luck | Knight of Wands, Wheel of Fortune



Today’s Tarot is the Knight of Wands and the Wheel of Fortune from the ever-fun Housewives Tarot. The message today is short and sweet: you make your luck from here on out. And you don’t need to wait until have everything in place to do it. Start right here, right now, with what you’ve got on hand. Have a little vision, you know? Be CREATIVE. Be brave. Be bold. Take that chance, and let the wheel spin as it may. No telling what you’ll make out if it, but one thing for sure: it will be YOURS.

Are you ready to make yourself some new luck?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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Housewives Tarot, Knight of Wands, Wheel of Fortune

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  1. Yes, I am!!! And yesterday I got myself all wound up to do it!!
    (Kind of like preparing for a race or something. LOL!)
    I spent the afternoon burning CDs to play in the van so I can sing along and get my voice back in shape. Oh gol, it was good to hear MUSIC again – I had everything packed away in boxes for so long. I was singing and dancing around the basement like a madwoman. For a minute, I figured I’d lost my mind. And then I thought, no, I’m FINDING IT!!!
    So, I’m unpacking what I need, and shelving everything I don’t.
    (Going along with previous posts!)
    Thanks, Dixie! Great cards!

    1. Wonderful news, Kim! I love the way your enthusiasm shines. Pretty darned good indication you’re making a good move here, methinks. :musicnote:

      1. Thanks, Dixie! I’m having fun! Right now, I’ve got an audience of one every afternoon – I’m taking care of friend’s mum for a few hours, and take my guitar with me. She loves EVERYTHING I play and sing, and claps like mad after each song. Nothing like an appreciative audience!
        I’m starting with her, and working my way back up. LOL!

  2. I’m trying. Not really feeling it, though. Just getting possible glimpses of me reaching “the other side of the bridge” as one woman put it.

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