July 8

Knight of Cups Rx: Cool Cat Riding the Wave


Emotions–I’ve got some, you’ve got some, we’ve all got some! They are a little intense and slightly uncontrollable.

And they could very well just sort of leak out right now without much warning. Or at least, that’s what I’m seeing. Be aware, this coming week.

Next Week in the Cards

Outlook is reversed Knight of Cups. Advice is the Emperor, with the Hermit showing up for additional support. Deck is the familiar Radiant Rider-Waite mini.

Expect the moods to be in full swing (hopefully without too much backlash). Emotions could be unpredictable, intense and perhaps, contradictory. In this sort of energy, do note when you find yourself overreacting to anything. That’s a strong indicator you’ve tapped into a deeper emotional vein and it could stand to be identified. It’s a trigger, friends.

Advice is also pretty clear, although it may not be the easiest to implement. The Emperor has a bad rap as a control freak in some circles, but he totally doesn’t deserve it. He’s a true leader. And you know what leaders control first and foremost?


Have a handle on yourself and your own feelings–specifically, make sure you understand them (and have extracted whatever wisdom there is to be had here) BEFORE you lash out and leak that mess all over whomever is standing closest.

Stay cool. Get clear. Understand your own emotions. Breathe, grab your coffee and ride the wave, folks. Ride the wave.

Stay safe out there! Until next time…

Peace Out

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