December 11

12/11/11: Watery Waves | Knight of Cups



“The only real valuable thing is intuition.” Albert Einstein

You can know something, and then, you can feel it. These are two entirely different phenomena. Until it makes full circle, hitting both your brain and your heart, you’re at disadvantage. When the two meet, however, you’ve reached a very powerful place.

Today’s Tarot is the Knight of Cups, associated with Air in Water. This version from Legacy of the Divine features Koi fish flanking the helmet, which have quite a lot of symbolism associated anyway—particularly regarding transformation. Seems fitting to me, as emotional states are central to just about any kind of transformation.

I often see this Knight when there is instability—back and forth feelings, tumultuous emotion. Knights tend to be a bit all-or-nothing, an exaggerated expression of the suits’ energy for me. To work with him, call upon the Air side, since the Water is probably already evident. Think it through. Which emotions make sense, and which don’t? Which are supported by reason, an accurate reflection of current reality? Which seem to be replays of old experience, old wounds?

The Knight of Cups points to strong emotion, in flux. Allow for it, and be kind to yourself for the duration. If you can keep the fear to a minimum, you’ll also be able to call upon your intuition—specifically, what makes you feel good when thinking about the topic at hand?—to guide. Ride it out and you’ll see your way to shore soon.

Are you feeling the Knight of Cups?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot 

by Ciro Marchetti

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