September 22

09/22/12: Emotionally Messy | Knight of Cups


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“Man, I shouldn’t have worn my Moldavite necklace. Not with a T-Square in the sky.”  That’s what I’ve been thinking. It makes those emotional issues surface like so much sludge, churn and burn, fast, fast, fast. That helps, in a way. No prolonging the agony. On the other hand, it makes them INTENSE. It’s a white-hot burning away.

That’s like the Knight of Cups (Air in Water) in some ways. Thinking (Air) about feeling (Water)? Yes, I know the picture’s a little blurred. I have trouble photographing the Cups sometimes. They blur on me without me noticing, appropriately.

I tend to see Knights show up with vacillation—the difference between idealism versus reality of the suit in question. So here, what you WANT to feel versus what you DO feel, consistency versus what seems rational, is in question. Knights tend to be a bit all over the board and often carry confusion and false bravado in their charge. No point charging in saying you have it all figured out emotionally when you don’t.

With the Knight of Cups (or Moldavite, for that matter), there isn’t any fighting the emotional flow. You ride, you feel, you experience it all. You let it wash up over you and wait for the tide to go out.

That’s what I’m seeing today. Accept the emotional mess, know it probably moves fast, and wait for the tide to roll out.

Are you feeling this Knight?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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Knight of Cups, Legacy of the Divine

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