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04/09/14: Performance Anxiety / King of Swords


King of Swords MeaningThe King of Swords can represent “hopes and fears” as hope the truth outs—or fear that it will. He could be a sincere wish for rationality, or a concern of being cut out.

This King is generally fair, but not sentimental. He’s extremely task-oriented and he takes his tasks rather seriously. So if you are an obstacle to getting his job done, he may not take kindly.

In essence, how much of this equation is “hopes” and how much is “fears” probably depends a lot on your position and past performance. I’m seeing this energy as a kind of performance anxiety. If you are in this position, be direct, honest and ethical. State your case clearly and rationally and let it stand on it’s own merits. That is a good plan. (And if there is anything the King of Swords favors, it’s good plans!)

Here’s HOPING you have nothing to FEAR! Har.

You hit with performance anxiety?

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King of Swords

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