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05/01/12: Have you eaten? | King Pentacles


I like the King of Pentacles. Always have. He’s a kind-hearted guy. Associated with Fire in Earth, he acts (Fire) tangibly (Earth). He takes pride in looking after the well-being of his kingdom. It’s his mission. Happy Beltane, King.

On the down side, he can tend towards obsessiveness. Under stress, fear or worry can leave him acting less rationally. He needs to feel firmly rooted all the time to be at his best. As he keeps busy trying to make sure everybody else is fed, don’t forget he needs some feeding of his own.

We all do well looking for his grounding, stabilizing influence in my daily life. Whether it comes from acknowledging my King of Pentacles husband,  or grounding activities that feed me like my patio gardening or morning reading time, or whatever it I’m feeling his energy in the moment, he gives a kind reminder to heed that call.

Are you being fed by the King of Pentacles?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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King of Pentacles, Legacy of the Divine

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  1. What grounds me? For one thing, deep insightful wisdom from a cool Tarot blog, and a nice genius lady with the cutest pink hair.

    This one was so accurate, I’m kind of stunned.

    My stress level has been so high lately, I’ve been trying to remain cool and calm but I feel the sense of panic due to several concurrent crises.

    I did tell someone that I didn’t feel as if I could think clearly about any of this. As you put it “acting less rationally.”

    I want clarity! Dixie provides some…

    Here’s where I would put the You are awesome.

    1. sofie, Thank you. You are a sweetie.
      Also glad you could use the reminder to feed yourself!♥

      It’s a good day for that. Love to you, hon!!!

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