April 27

King of Wands: Start Gardening, Friends!


That “spinning your wheels” feeling gets old, doesn’t it? I’m right there with you: mentally prepped to charge ahead, yet bumping into the stubborn reality that everything’s not quite in place yet.

If you’re in the same boat, this week’s tarot forecast promises a gust of fresh air.

Next Week in the Cards

The outlook? The King of Wands! It’s like finally bursting out of the starting blocks after a maddening wait. The Seven of Pentacles nudges us towards those long-term ambitions, urging us to sow the seeds for the future we yearn to harvest. Meanwhile, the Nine of Cups reversed serves a gentle reminder: it might not be the perfect feast you envisioned, but hey, there’s enough on your plate to leave you content. Cards are from the always-fun Housewives’ Tarot deck.

Are you itching for some headway as much as I am? Honestly, it feels like I’ve been stuck in this loop for eons.

Get ready to hustle because it’s prime time to kick things off. No, you won’t finish everything this week—let’s be real, you just won’t. But this is your signal to start laying bricks. And isn’t there a thrill in the building process itself? Keep your spirits high and your expectations realistic; your efforts are set to advance.

In essence, now’s not the moment to hold out for perfection, but it is the time to anticipate tangible strides towards laying the foundation for what lies ahead.

Focus on establishing long-term objectives and, dare I say, even your wildest dreams. It’s within reach now. Just like we talked about last week, zero in on small yet strategic steps.

Ready to cross over into your future?

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  1. p.s. I am totally aware Mercury is still retrograde. That doesn't mean you cannot do anything. I'm rethinking, re-organizing, revisiting and revising. It's all movement.

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