August 14

King of Swords Rx: On the Foggy Path


It’s been a surprisingly eventful week in my world. Got to be that recent full moon–like the world is busting free and ready or not, the ride is underway!

For me personally, there are many things coming up that are unclear, undefined, and plain ol’ up in the air, but what’s right now, square in front of me, is not one of those many things. Super helpful, since I don’t have to think too hard about what’s next. I just have to do it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s true for many of you, too, looking at the cards for next week.

Heads up, Tarot peeps: I’m taking next week off all readings. I’ll be back on the job soon, though! I’ll update here if there are any changes. Thanks for understanding.

Next Week in the Cards

I had to go look to make sure these weren’t the same cards as last week. Almost, but not quite. Here’s a crappy picture of the cards from the Universal Waite-Rider.

Reversed King of Swords as outlook, with advice from the Ace of Pentacles. 

This is a time where it’s difficult to clarify options. Important details may be missing. Facts may be omitted. There may be tendency to make assumptions that are not accurate. Bearing all this in mind, our advice is more or less a continuation of last week’s take–repetitive Tarot is repetitive–from the Ace of Pentacles.

Take small, concrete and practical steps to improve your situation or advance your goals. Highest priority to physical needs first: safety, food, sleep, health come first. Wishlist stuff, what you’d like to see or do or have, may be part of the mix but most of that will come later. Right now, it’s a “getting started, one foot in front of the other ” kind of vibe.

I’ll say what I often do here: handle the present moment, what’s in front of your right now (because that’s all you can clearly see anyway), and let the Universe sort the rest. (The Universe always does a much better job of sorting than our anxious brains do, after all. Have faith, Grasshopper.)

Hope your week goes smoothly and as always, I’m rooting for you!

Much love.

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Ace of Pentacles, King of Swords, Universal Rider-Waite

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