March 11

King of Swords: Getting Out of Your Own Way


Besides my life here in the woo, I am also a low carb blogger who has been blessed with a growing audience. So people sometimes ask me for advice. But people will think I’m nuts if I tell them the truth.

See, they always ask process questions. They are looking for a formula they can follow to recreate the results. I get that. Those were the questions I used to ask, too. But if I’m being completely frank, at this point I consider the processes utterly incidental to the results.

Not just less important. Incidental.

At best, if the processes give you confidence, the confidence can be helpful. If they leave you with doubt, they will hinder you. It’s not the choices you make. You could say “yes” to something and be right. You could say “no” to that same something and be just as right. It doesn’t matter. It’s the beliefs you bring to the table, the energy you’re working with here.

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I tried very hard to get where I wanted to be via the sheer force of hard work. And I should have been able to do it! I stumbled into every single advantage you could imagine in this enterprise and worked my hiney clean off trying, trying, trying. Except nothing really worked, no matter how hard I worked.

So eventually, I gave it up. Instead, my involvement in the topic shifted to doing whatever I felt like doing whenever I wanted to do it, with zero expectations of traditionally recognizable success.  As a matter of fact, a friend started helping me with it and I completely stepped back from the whole shebang.

That’s when everything started clicking, and rapidly. I wasn’t even doing any work anymore…how’s that for irony?

In the course of stepping back, I had quit asking “how” and “when.” I knew what I wanted to accomplish–to be helpful and supportive. But in terms of how anything was going, I stopped keeping track. My doubts and frustrations and all that noticing what wasn’t working became a non-issue.

In short, I got out of my own way.

Maybe this sounds like a fluke to you. But I’ve seen it in play so many times since, I don’t have any questions about it myself. It’s one of those things you pretty much have to experience for yourself.

This coming week, the cards spoke to me of this sort of situation.

Next Week in Tarot

Here we have the King of Air (aka the King of Swords) from the Good Tarot, along with False Indigo from the Botanical Inspirations deck, associated with Immersion and Intuition.

At first glance, these two cards seemed almost a contradiction together. The element of Air is associated with logic, clarity, and thought. Solid, immutable fact would be the domain of this king.

Conversely, intuition and immersion would imply the element of Water. Fluid, flexible, a “knowing” without justification is the domain of intuition. But really, these two energies make an incredibly potent combination.

Kings are do-ers, taking an active role in their creation. But the King of Air in particular is also a thinker. He does not make a move without purpose.

So we’re looking at knowledge versus knowing.

Here is the trick–think about what you want, not how you will get it. Become clear about your objectives and how you want to feel. Immerse yourself in the clarity of THAT energy, getting the sense of what sort of outcome you want, without trying to dictate the how-to-get-there part. Intuition will carry you forward much quicker and more smoothly than your brain alone ever could.

Thoughts shape feelings, which provides a perfect indicator of the energy you’re flowing in any given moment. It’s not the doing that matters–it’s the energy flow. THAT is how you create reality.

So think your thoughts, clearly and as cleanly as you can and note the emotions that result. If the emotions are pleasant, turn up the thoughts! Enjoy them and know, you’re shaping the energy right there. And if the emotions don’t feel so good? Back off. Now is not the time to take action on that particular issue.

Get yourself clarity. Get the emotions on track and let everything else come together for you.

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  1. You’re always on point. I always feel like you’re talking directly to me & that I get your message right on time when I needed it. Long story short, I just wanted to say hey & that I think you’re mystically amazing!

    Thank you

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