March 25

King of Swords: Finding Those Greener Pastures


Some days, it’s very hard to stay positive.

I’m about as Pollyanna as anybody you’ll ever meet, when it comes to looking for elements of any situation to appreciate. I’m frequently preaching the case to focus on what you love to make what you love a louder, more salient part of your experience.

I repeat this suggestion to everybody (including myself), because it’s sound advice. But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy.

Don’t fault yourself if you’re not there. And it doesn’t mean that you’re doing something “wrong” if you can’t drum up some optimism to save your life.

Where you are is always right. Because it’s where you are.

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Where you are is where you are. Making peace with being wherever you are doesn’t trap you there. It makes it possible for you to move beyond.

This Week In Tarot

Repetitive Tarot is repetitive: I drew the King of Air (aka King of Swords) from The Good Tarot and Peony/Prosperity and Compassion, from the Botanical Inspirations deck.

Be compassionate with yourself. Assign yourself the best of intentions. Judge yourself worthy of good, without needing to earn the right to thrive. Mentally list reasons to be optimistic. Appreciate every single iota of good you’ve got going and commit to the intention here and now to be on the lookout for more.

Give yourself every opportunity you can find to be encouraged and uplifted. This will offer you some immediate relief as well as help turn the energy around.

And cut yourself some slack, please. Quantum leaps sport intense birthings. Sometimes, a crisis is required to blast free of a firmly entrenched energy pattern. Through a big, fat mess can be the easiest, most direct route to fairer pastures. There are flowers on the other side of that haze!

But if your life is abounding with suckage right now? Please realize, this doesn’t mean you’re broken or screwed up or that you should have tried harder. It just means your in the middle of a transition. Sometimes, big transitions wear us raw.  No good comes from beating ourselves to boot. Just ride  the waves that are hitting you as best you can.

Reach for the outlook that feels even the least bit better. Try to be a tiny bit kinder, a little gentler with yourself. When you’re recounting what’s wrong, give what’s right some airplay. And if you can’t find any “right” just now? That’s okay, too. Just decide to yourself to be open to seeing good as it presents itself. It will, I promise.

Basically, make any adjustment you can that helps you feel a little more centered, grounded and loved. In doing so, you’ll be making the adjustments needed to make your way to those greener pastures and enjoy the flowers that live beyond the fog.

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