February 17

King of Cups Rx: Emotional Management Amidst Turbulence


I consider myself someone with a solid degree of emotional control. But that doesn’t mean I can’t get a little off-kilter and leak, you know? I’ve found myself getting kind of leaky lately, and I haven’t quite worked out what to do with it yet.

But since this is the topic of next week’s forecast, perhaps the cards will help. Yes?

Next Week in the Cards

The outlook is the reversed King of Cups. The advice? The Knight of Cups. Cards are pictured from the  Legacy of the Divine Tarot.

People are likely to be more than just emotional—“unhinged” might be more accurate. It’s about emotional overload. The danger for many lies in acting out some of these emotional undercurrents that haven’t been fully recognized or acknowledged.

Ever freak out without even knowing exactly why? Like something snaps, and intense emotional energy shoots out in every direction, nuclear style. That’s not inevitable by any means, but it’s one of the potentials here.

We are granted some grace, courtesy of the Knight of Cups. Understand that the feelings that come to visit are not permanent residents. Realizing this can help you manage. Keep track of yourself here.

Stay attuned for when the intensity ramps up so you can exit stage left gracefully and go your own way until you’re feeling more in control. This isn’t about denying your feelings. It’s about understanding them and making conscious, rational choices about what you want to do with them before you allow yourself to explode.

Some things cannot be unsaid, you know? No matter what. So, know where you’re at before you open your mouth, friends. Even if you opt for confrontation, it will go much better if you’re calm and in control.

Now, confrontations aren’t inevitable here. But they are a distinct possibility, especially if you don’t listen to those early warning signs—that little flip-flop deep in your gut when you first start to feel bothered.

And if you’re on the receiving end of a blast? Pull back. Get some distance. Have a timeout period and wrap your own head around what’s going on before you weigh in. It could make the difference between a relationship that’s salvageable and one that’s done like dinner.

It’s all about staying plugged in enough to know when you’re about to come unglued. Bonus points for recognizing it in others, too, as a well-timed step back can spare you both plenty of tears and potential regret.

Have you been feeling the emotional tides more strongly of late?

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  1. Well, I blew up on someone in December, wrote them a letter saying they really hurt my feelings and that I reasonably assumed they'd never want to speak to me again after I said this, and that's what happened, alright. I warned them that I wasn't sane at the time (like, "I'm on medical leave in an outpatient program and on psych meds now" level of not sane) and I guess I thought they'd understand that, but perhaps not. I'd been having to pretend that I was Fine and Okay for over a year about what they did to hurt me, and at that point I just fucking blew and could not pretend any more.

    I wish I hadn't done it, but it's probably not salvageable now. I wish it was. I wish I knew what to do, but I've already apologized and what else is there left to do, nothing.

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