May 21

King of Cups: Healing Thyself


I’ve had a lot of frustration with the medical system lately. My broken leg recovery has had some complications, and I’ve got some other health issues at the moment that have required attention.

When I look at this week’s forecast, it would appear literal Tarot is literal. Damn it. Called out again! Har!

Next Week in the Cards

Outlook is “Healing,” or the King of Cups. Advice is “Totality,” aka the Five of Wands.

Different decks have different “voices,” just like different people do. This deck tends to be quite blunt and usually emphasizes a particular element of the traditional meanings. Today’s draw is a great example.

So this week, let’s dive in and not pull punches. Because few things in life are more valuable than a loving and uncompromisingly honest friend. 

Healing underway. Good!

But (and it’s an important “but”): you will have to allow yourself vulnerability to receive this healing. You cannot protect old wounds, grasping tightly the current reality, and simultaneously create space for a different experience.

Note the figure being healed is naked and standing in an open pose, vulnerable, freely allowing the intervention. There is no fighting it off or defending from it. It’s only with release that we make space to replace the abrasive energy with the peaceful.

That Five of Wands as advice is also interesting. The traditional version of this card depicts conflict, a group swinging wands at one another.  In this version, there is still tension. But the focus is different.

“Totality” means being fully present and focused on our own part in the whole system. You own part is the only part you have any say in, after all. So rather than scatter your energy trying to manage those on either side of you, just make sure your own focus, energy and thinking is good as you can make it.

You do your job here, and keep your energy and focus solely on doing that job.

It’s certainly a lot easier than trying to fix the rest of the world. But it can be hard to trust, I know. That bit requires a little faith in the healing energy available to you courtesy of the Universe. Identify and appreciate it wherever you can find it. That turns it up.

You feeling the healing? I hope so! Celebrate it. And be well, my friends.

Peace out.

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