September 13

09/13/12: Protective Powers of Love | King of Cups



“Love one another and help others to rise to the higher levels, simply by pouring out love. Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy.” –Sai Baba

Even self-defense can be an act of love, if undertaken mindfully, without rancor, without ill intent. The secret lies in the ability to detach, release from the outcome, step aside from the ego. Maybe it’s your day to be an instrument of the Universe. If it is, do so humbly, understanding you’re a vessel.

Another one of my favorites from the Osho Zen showed up today. “Healing” is the Zen take on the King of Cups—Fire in Water. I consider Kings  active, yang energy, and of course Cups are yin, receptive, and often inwardly directed. So here, you ACTIVELY taking part in an internal healing process. It’s not accidental healing, but intentional.

Lovely segue from yesterday, don’t you think? Pushed it off, out, dropped and done. Good! Now, cleanse and heal.

I was just noticing the mandala images incorporated in this card. In his heart area, there’s a lotus flower with a symbol that resembles that of the heart chakra, but it’s surrounded by yellow—the color of the solar plexus chakra, the seat of power. The other mandalas are difficult to discern, but no matter. He’s clearly surrounded by energy, and that is the important point.

His heart is strong and protected. Healing is a natural result of working heart energy. But we can forget sometimes, protection is also a natural result of working heart energy. Love shields from outside, inclement weather. You don’t have to give up your love, your inner light to be both healed and safe.

Start with forgiving and loving yourself. Center on loving, protecting, shielding that which is valuable and holy. The rest comes as a result.

Do you find love healing and protective, too?

Osho Zen Tarot Set
by US Games

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  1. What a great story, Eric, and I love the happy part especially! It’s very instructive to see how the cards speak to us within the context of the situation we’re in. I’ve interpreted the cards incorrectly on occasion, but I’ve never known them to be wrong, only me.

    I am making progress on the Secret Garden space and it will be available in a few days, by the way. Tech work from behind the scenes, but it’s close.

    Thanks so much for your ongoing support and encouragement. :lashes:

    1. Is the Secret Garden going to be a forum? If so, I’m very excited! I’d love to share opinions and insights with other Tarot readers. I can’t wait.

      Today I got the Ace of Cups reversed as well and I sure as heck I’m emotionally exhausted!! Pair that with the Magician reversed and Temperance and the cards are right on target. My emotional exhaustion is affecting my ability to function and I should find equanimity.

  2. That’s a great story, Eric. Congratulations!

    How do you manage to read your wife’s cards? I lack the objectivity to read my cards in any situation that I’m directly involved with. And sometimes that includes reading for boyfriends.

    I agree with Dixie in that it’s so interesting how the context of the situation changes how we interpret the cards. I like to go with “flow”.

    1. I’ve always had the ability to step outside myself and look at a situation objectively for her and others…just a little bit harder to do for myself sometimes (but I’m sure everyone has that obsticle). Being a Pisces helps with the whole “outside myself” thing for everyone else…just it takes more energy to see me for ME. :laugh:

      Thanks Marly ! :peace:


      1. Interesting. I have a Pisces Moon, so you would think that would help me be objective, but it’s opposite Pluto. Pluto is never objective!!

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