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05/02/12: Healing Emotional Triggers | King Cups


I wrote not too long ago about losing my lilies, and how I found myself over-the-top emotional over the whole thing. I knew I was too upset given the circumstance.

As I often tell my Tarot people, if you get emotional responses out of proportion to the stimulus, dig deeper. Understanding you’ve been triggered, pain can then become an opportunity for healing.

Today, we’ve got the King of Emotional Triggers, aka the King of Cups, associated with Fire in Water. Kings are active (Fire) and in the Water element, it’s an emotional or intuitive-based action. You know. Like healing.

With those divine, healing hands hovering over the head and gut, It makes me think of wiping out thought patterns to relieve pain that eats away at you. Or charkas, maybe: seeing the truth (3rd eye) impacts your sense of contentment (2nd charka). But regardless of how you achieve or visualize it, who couldn’t use a little healing?

I knew those lilies were “roots” to me—the product of planting with love and maintaining through ongoing nurturing. I didn’t so much realize they were also the roots I felt from my family growing up, or the roots I tried to give to my children, in hopes of helping them bloom. But there was an energetic connection for me. Once I got what was being triggered, my feelings over it made a lot more sense.

And like with my family and my kids, I lost these roots suddenly and without warning. What I treasured was cast out as if without value. Triggered! Tears flowed on behalf of much more than 10 feet of lilies removed from outside my kitchen window.

But you know, tears are very cleansing. Reflection clarifies. The King of Cups is going to take action to heal. So I planted new lilies, finding myself with a greatly enhanced appreciation for all the other beautiful flowers in my garden.

Honoring the losses, followed up by appreciating remaining love that so clearly surrounds, seems a damn good prescription for healing to me. You think?

How do you go about healing?

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  1. Yup. I do think that is a really good prescription for healing. Thanks for this and all the well articulated and illustrated reminders throughout the days, particularly regarding the cycles of death and rebirth or new life. I am in my forties and feel like I am only just now beginning to get some comfort and ease with — and real appreciation for — ALL of this natural flow. It is nice to be able to find and see value in even the stuff that is hard and painful.

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