March 19

Justice Reversed & Seven of Wands: Staying True


“They asked ME, not who they wanted me to be.”

As soon as I uttered those words, I realized they encapsulated exactly what I’ve been hearing from my people recently. Guilt, shame, and self-blame have been some of the main themes, topped off with a flaming red cherry of self-doubt.

Have you felt like a disappointment lately?

You may be right. Somone out there may well be disappointed in you. But so what? That doesn’t mean you are inherently a disappointment. It doesn’t mean anything at all.

We are each living our own stories, each with a unique perception of reality. You are not me. I am not you. I consider that perfectly appropriate.

You simply cannot decide what someone else’s reality looks like Their conclusions about you may not be true or fair. But regardless, those conclusions don’t belong to you.

The bigger question, though: Why bother about it at all? It’s not my business what other people think of me. It’s my business what I think of me. Very different questions. I am just convinced my life quest on this lovely floating rock can be spent so much more meaningfully than personal PR.

I consider it my primary job to be the person I want to be. That’s it. I don’t need editorial input for that.

Consider this perspective for yourself, when you’re not feeling valued or seen in the coming days. It could help you find some clarity and peace amongst any noise.

Next Week in the Cards

Outlook is Justice reversed, with advice from the Seven of Wands. Cards are from the Legacy of the Divine deck. (Thor the Warrior Kitten sold separately.)

“It’s not fair.” That’s what Justice reversed says. Something (or many somethings) may strike you as unfair, off-kilter, imbalanced, incomplete or somehow mismanaged. You consider the conclusions inaccurate or otherwise wanting.

And that’s fine. Because honestly, it kind of has to be.

What’s more, you may feel pressured to go along the expectations of the group, even if you don’t remotely agree.

What to do with this, though? A Seven of Wands upright would suggest remaining committed to  personal truth without flinching. You do you, Boo! I’ll be over here, doing me.

Caveat: Holding fast to a personal truth is not about seeking converts. We don’t need an auditorium of “Amen’s” to be faithful to who we are. Conviction by nature is an entirely individual experience that comes from spiritual connection, plugging in to the Universe’s etheric energy flow.

Moreover, my certainty doesn’t need to equal your certainty to hold truth. It just has to hold truth for me.

Next week, check how you feel.  If you feel guilty and insecure, that’s not the Universe talking to you. That’s fear, worry and shame, and those voices aren’t worth heeding, no matter where the sound originated.

On the other hand, if you can find peace, contentment, or especially love of any flavor, then you’re tapping into your light. That strengthens and heals us. It makes us feel better. It’s worth pursuing. Go that way.

Stay true to yourselves, friends, and be well!

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Justice, Legacy of the Divine, Seven of Wands

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