October 16

10/16/11: No Navel Gazing | Justice, Hermit Reversed


“Charity begins at home, and justice begins next door.” –Charles Dickens

Goes both ways, really. Sometimes, I’m way too kind to myself, not seeing the little peccadillos that drive me nuts in others reflect my own quirks. Other times, I cut everyone on the planet a gigaton of slack but myself none. Neither of these approaches is ideal, y’know?


Today’s Tarot is Justice or Daughter of the Lord of Truth (Libra) and the Hermit or the Magnus of the Voice of Light (Virgo), both Major Arcana. It’s time to impartially balance needs; fairness is absolutely required now for a good outcome. Avoid falling into a victim stance or over-focus on yourself. (That goes for being less kind to yourself as well as more kind.) Everybody has to have equal weight here. Don’t withdraw, engage. Break it down, list it out, and give everyone their due. Just maintain fairness and an even hand. This is what facilitates growth.

How are you at weighing out the facts?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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Justice, Legacy of the Divine, Libra, Major Arcana, The Hermit, Virgo

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  1. I’m a Capricorn, my life path is a 11, I’m starting to see the Justice card in my readings a lot. It comes as a strength, it comes up as a weakness, and it comes up as spiritual advice. I think in some ways it refers to me being honest and coming to resolve to leave my job to move. Like, moving the right decision. As a weakness, I recognize because of my spiritual gift that I don’t play games, I don’t engage in combat with others because its not my tea, I can usually see past their insecurities- but I take it its saying I can’t be too kind to others, that I still need to speak up and teach? Or I can see it weighing too heavily all the factors or consequences? I don’t think that changes me wanting to move but I see things from all angles maybe too my detriment like a waste of energy use?

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