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08/07/12: Seeking an Elemental Balance | Justice



I’ve been reading a Book on Hermetic Mysticism. Or “sampling” may be a more accurate description! I haven’t gotten very far—it’s fairly dense material, including lots of arcane concepts that are largely unfamiliar to me. But a basic notion I found quite sensible immediately was the idea of keeping our Elemental energies in balance, in order to maximize our power.

I can see how that might play out. Too much Air, you’ve got only reason, logic, and detachment. All theoretical, all talk! Too much Fire, you’ve got lots of drive and action, but may just burning out before you get anywhere. Too much Water, there’s nothing but a sloshy mess of feelings. All feeling without reason (Air) or spark (Fire) or grounding (Earth) is debilitating. Too much Earth, physicality overshadows everything else. Planning or passion or ideas can get lost in day-to-day living. It takes all kinds of energy, ideally in balance, to be at your best and most effective.

Justice (Libra) may appear to speak to legal matters, a need for fairness, compromise, or as we’re looking at today, balance.

Where do you find the majority of your energy? Does it get used in thinking, in daydreaming, in ranting, in relaxing? Where is the minority? Tendencies can no doubt be seen based on the elemental balances in a natal chart, but you don’t need to know astrology to have some idea where you tend to fall on the scale.

Each and every type of energy has it’s place. Relying too heavily on one type or another can leave us out of whack, at a disadvantage. So look to what you tend to ignore, and see if you can’t get a better balance.

I think I could use more Fire, so I’ll give myself permission for some creative fun time, without so much emphasis on what that creative endeavor produces (e.g. my Earth bent).

Do you find your energy balanced (and how might you improve the balance)?

Deck Pictured: Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

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  1. ugh. no earth. seriously- i don’t even have an asteroid in an earth sign or house. try my best to connect to earthy people or advice in other ways, but i’m amazed how challenging it is for me to live “grounded”.

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