June 23

Justice: Fairness & Plans


Do things feel fair and balanced to you? Well, they are looking to become more that way (and you can help steer, soon), but you’ll have to keep your thoughts on it to yourself, at least for now.

So sayth the cards for next week.

Next Week in the Cards

Cards are pictured from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot.

If you’d like to hear an audio version (real-time), it’s here and transcribed below.

Got Justice upright, which is nice to see. And for advice, we got the Seven of Swords upright. Hmm, interesting.

Now, if you’ve been following for the last few weeks, clarity and lack of clarity has been an ongoing theme here. Seeing justice upright, I like that. It not only implies additional clarity, but it also implies fairness, which is always nice. And niceness to some degree, because justice is ruled by Libra. Libra is nothing if not nice.

If you feel like you’ve been carrying more than your fair share of the load for a while, or what’s not appropriate for you to be handling, then good possibility that this week it will start to clear out. That means you might see some changes. Things may not continue to go on exactly the way that they have been.

Some of this is just working things out. Some of it is kindness and support showing up, possibly from family or people you think of as family. But the idea that, “Oh, well, you have to carry this, and this is what’s been agreed to and blah, blah, blah” ‘is not so much the course now. I expect to see some changes. So if you can find or muster a little optimism, that’s a good way to go.

Now with advice coming in as the 7 of Swords, you may not need to share all your thoughts, feelings, plans, and ideas with other people right now, especially if you have something that you’re wanting to do that you’re just not really solid in quite yet, that you’re still trying to figure out. Keep your own counsel.

You can share a thought or an idea or whatever, but the thing is, if you start too soon before you’re really solid in it, it has the potential of breaking apart because you may not get the right feedback or the most helpful feedback or the most accurate feedback for the situation. Wait until you have put a lot more of the pieces together in your own mind before you really talk about it to other people. You don’t have to communicate the details. In fact, you don’t want to communicate the details or the bigger picture details. You could say, “Well, I’ve been toying with this, or I’m thinking about that, or whatever,” but don’t give them your whole plan because it’s your job right now to refine that and think through it and let it settle.

Because if you don’t, if you put it in somebody else’s lap, they have the capacity to shake up that energy before it’s really cooked. Like when you make cookies or cake or something, you have to let it cool before you get it out, because if you don’t, it’ll fall apart if you get it out before it cools and it’s solidified a little bit. Ideas or hopes or inspirations are like that this week. You don’t want to lift them up too early. You want to let them cool and settle in a little bit. So they have enough toughness to withstand the journey from your mind to real life.

It looks like you have some winning seeds of ideas in there, but your job is just to stoke up the passion for them, stoke up the energy for them, but not provide all the answers yet because all the answers aren’t clear.

And focus on the stuff that you’re satisfied with that makes you feel content and happy and just say, “Okay, I’m free to change this if I need to change it, but I don’t have to disrupt everything by demanding to know all the answers right now.”

“I want to get in harmony emotionally with my plans, my goals, my ideas, the direction I want to go. And once I do that, the circumstances will gel around them.”

I don’t think this is necessarily going to take a really long time, but your emotional state is a large part of this. Whatever you can do to be happy with where you’re at is probably a good idea.

That’s what I got for you this week. I hope it helps.

Peace out and much love. Bye bye.


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Justice, Legacy of the Divine, Seven of Swords

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