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01/28/14: Junk the Junk Food! / 8 of Wands


8 of Wands BodyWhat’s the first thing that goes out the window when you’re under stress? If you’re me, it’s good eating habits! I have trouble mustering the energy to cook but absolutely crave sweets and comfort foods when I’m feeling under fire. Not a good mix! I have given in plenty to those urges. Enough to speak from experience, it’s a bad idea. And I have the waistline to prove it. Ha!

I have been seeing the Eight of Wands a LOT lately, so wouldn’t have taken special note of it today if it weren’t paired up with the “Body” card, said to address “health, body image issues, or the physical impact a situation has on you.”

Stress, worry, and not having resolutions takes it toll on us physically. I’m not saying it’s going to give anybody a heart attack. Worrying about the heart attack isn’t helpful in avoiding the heart attack, man!

But the general energetic weather recently has people run down. Over time, that is a problem. Especially considering this is the Eight of Wands, I’d venture some are at a crossroads with physical issues—where health conditions could go either way, from inconsequential to chronic.

Even if you’re not facing health issues though, abandoning good habits and indulging in bad ones (like me and the junk food) will just leave you with less clarity and energy to deal with wherever those wands land. The flip side is that caring for ourselves physically makes it easier to effectively manage stressors. Duly noted, Tarot.

Don’t let lack of certainty in life dissuade you from lovingly taking care of yourself, as doing otherwise is a very short-lived type of self-consolation. If anything, let stress encourage more vigilance, because being kind to your body is one thing you absolutely DO have control over. And you need to be at your best to handle what comes. So do!

Do you ignore your body when faced with stress?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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Deck of 1000 Spreads, Eight of Wands, Mystic Dreamer

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  1. This is what I got right off the bat. With this position card the woman in this 8 of wands looks like she’s in DENIAL. She’s had messages man (see the crow). She’s thinks crouching down hiding will do the trick but only 50% of the wands will go over her head. The rest could still hit their target – her.

    The bottom wands is the “maybe” card but no guarantee it will hit (I actually put a ruler to the screen to check the trajectory it just misses her). Ah, this could be a solution. If she moves (takes action by doing what she KNOWS needs to be done) there’s potential to avoid all or most of the wands. We don’t know for sure due the fog don’t sure if the ship is coming or going; however, we do know what will happen is she does nothing.

    I am so LOVING both these decks!! The Mystic Dreamer cards SPEAK to me, but not in a judgmental way, i.e. today’s cards. They speak to all the water in my chart & the Deck of 1000 spreads SO speaks to all my Virgo.

  2. I GOT the message now what do I do – listen or avoid/find an excuse? After my initial excitement of understanding the cards, at least for me, I checked the clock to see how much time I have to putz around. The message really hit me.

    We’re have a funeral this morning for a dear friend. He was a high functioning alcoholic, most didn’t know, yet we all know when it started. 15 years ago their 3 year old daughter drowned while in the care of a sitter, it was a very tragic accident. He never recovered from this. His wife did-ish, had an affair a few years later & they eventually divorced. He never recovered & eventually drank himself to death, dying in his sleep. He never moved & all the wands hit him, sadly they hit his family too. He leaves behind an 18 year old son & a 22 year old daughter.

    We all have stressors, some bigger than others. How we handle them is what’s most important & determines how many wands will hit us if we never move. I can’t avoid treadmill, doctors, DENTIST & better food choices due to my stressors-nor can I use them as an excuse. Wise words today my pink haired friend.

    1. Okay, TracIE, I laughed out loud at the mental image of you grabbing a ruler! So sorry about your friend, that’s a story full of tragedy. Not much you can do from the outside other than honor the friend’s memory and consider it a reminder and perspective-altering event. Much love for that family…♥

  3. Thanks. I need to focus on that huge beautiful kale shrub in my frig and transform it into “The Big Salad” and then go down to the school and do something difficult. I’m hoping that will take us from the wands’ reach.

  4. I have been living on home/dixiblog/domains/afoolsjourney.com/public_htmlmade chocolate chip cookies here, along with the big turkey I made on Saturday. Seriously.

    I get it. I don’t like it much, but I get it.

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