May 28

Jump through that window! Weekly Tarot, 05/29/17


I truly believe we’re surrounded by options ALL the time–complete with ever present, ever ready, albeit “invisible” support–but the state of our own energy is what decides which options we can see.

When we’re guilty, worried, frustrated, hurt or otherwise not feeling the all of ourselves in some way, it constricts that natural connection that guides us. Thoughts get muddied. Clarity is no longer within grasp. Opportunities slip by when we’re upset and too stirred up, because we cannot recognize them easily. We question ourselves and our value and the easy feeling of being “in the flow” eludes us. Everything becomes harder.

Feeling that way sometimes is an inevitability. It’s not wrong, nor proof you’re just not good enough in some way. Life has ebbs as flows, and as it fluxes (and sometimes hits on personal sore spots in the process), our ability to tune in and ride the waves also waxes and wanes. This is both natural and universal. It’s part of what helps us hone in on what’s most important to us, so if you find yourself there? Be gentle with yourself and as loving as you can.

I just want you to know, staying in a constricted state for an extended period of time is NOT inevitable.

I know there’s been a lot of pressure out in the wild lately. People have told me, and I’ve felt it in my own gut. But this coming week? I think we’ll have opportunity to shift and free ourselves from some of the sense of restriction that’s been weighing folks down. Yes!

Quick Video for This Week’s Forecast

Man, what about that image? I look like I just sat on a hornet or something.

The Eight of Swords is one of my “nemesis cards.” Meaning it has shown up for me again and again and again, sometimes more frequently than others. Sometimes, more insistently than others. Sometimes, with more cursing from me than others. But off and on, it’s been a regular visitor since I started working with the cards. So yeah, I see you, Eight of Swords. Damn you–and thank you.

This card always points to a self-induced prison, and generally? It’s one the self doesn’t register as self-induced. Now, you could get pissed over the fact you’re doing it to yourself, but really? That is a bloody gift, knowing it’s your own doing because then, your own doing can also fix it. And it’s always a shorter, easier trip to fix it than you’re thinking when you’re in it.

This week, look for windows, already cracked open and ready for the big escape. They will be there, but nobody (friends visible or otherwise) is going to push you through any window. You’re going to have to make the leap yourself.

In case you need help recognizing your window…I’m extending the session time @ $50/hour deal; use the time however and whenever you want.

I was actually surprised how many folks are using this for impulse-booking to address stuff that has been bothering them for a while and it’s been very productive. I’ve also been able to work folks into my schedule very quickly and easily, as if by magick! So I’m happy with this and hence, am leaving it going for now. Just Paypal here for whatever time you’d like to reserve. Minimum of one hour ($50) for this option, please.

And be well out there!

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Eight of Swords, Radiant Rider Waite

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