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11/23/13: What do you really know? / Judgment Rx


Judgment Rx

God was alive for me growing up. I knew, because my parents told me. Because the religious leaders told me. But more, because I FELT it.

I knew a lot of things.

I knew there was no God, when we lost custody. I knew those kids would be better off with us, and I knew we’d not be allowed to have a relationship with them if they did not stay with us. I knew this as clearly as I knew the sky was blue and I drew breath.

I prayed and prayed and prayed with all my heart and soul. It did nothing that I could see. Nothing! I knew I was right, and God had failed to show up. Why believe in a useless God?

Now I know there is a God, although my version of God today is a Hell of a lot different than what I used to believe in, way back when. And this is something I know, in my heart.

This is what comes to mind seeing Judgment reversed.

Really, we’re not in the position to declare ultimate right and wrong. We live our lives according to working theories. You see what you see, but that vision is but a tiny, infinitesimal glimpse of an infinitely large picture. Even if it’s your life…well, actually especially if it’s your life.

Perspective is an elusive beast, you know? What I thought I knew so many times in my life, I’ve been proven wrong. Over and over. And I expect to be proven wrong again, over and over. To me, this is the definition of living right: growth!

Just for today, try to let go of the sense of absolute. Try to let go of blame and attribution of right and wrong and up and down. Just BE. Be the best that YOU can, do what you believe to be right and forget everybody and everything else. Because you know what?

You cannot see the whole picture. Understand that, acknowledge and accept that. Live within the framework you’ve got, and work from there. You’ll be surprised at what comes from it.

Although I do have to admit, it can take years to see more of the picture. So be it! Because what else are you gonna do?

Do you feel like you “know what you know,” or are your convictions mutable like mine?

Tarot Illuminati by Eric Dunne & Kim Huggens

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