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02/26/13: Pushing the Fire Button? /Judgment



I swear, I wasn’t just trying to soften y’all up yesterday with the birthday party! You know how the cards are. They say what they want to say, when they want to say it. Who are we mere mortals to argue?

It’s Judgment. Now, I don’t inherently see judgment as a difficult card, but it CAN be. It’s kind of like a Saturn transit—how easy or hard this energy goes down depends a lot on you. Associated with Pluto, Judgment can hand out a bitch slap or two if you’ve got one coming. But it’s not universally bad news. Judgment can also hand out prizes, or at least just desserts.

It’s just that this energy is…without sentimentality, you know? Uncompromising. Unmovable. There’s no plea-bargaining on Judgment Day. The accounts have been taken and the scores tallied.

The Zombie Tarot shows us the fellow that actually pushes the button, very far removed from the bomb that he drops, and hence removed from the fallout said bomb will create. And this is what you can expect with judgment: a dispassionate weighing of evidence, final outcomes based on the deep, dark truths and not a glossy, stylized version of the facts.

The other side of the story here is that Mr. Button-Pusher will also have to live with his decision. He won’t be able to take it back. Let’s hope he put some solid evaluation into his choice.

The appearance of Judgment urges us to be completely even-handed in both making big decisions and assigning responsibility after the fact. Make sure you can comfortably defend your choice as righteous before you push that button. It’s not the time to be impulsive. And if the bomb has already dropped, don’t underplay or overplay your own role in the situation, as it will not serve you. Either before or after the fact, the job here is to come to terms with what the entire situations means. The only way to complete a lesson  and move past it in your life curriculum is to learn it.

You feeling this?

The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead with Deck and Instructions
The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead

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Judgment, Pluto, Zombie Tarot

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  1. I always like seeing this card for some reason. In my mind I call it “redemption” i.e. back from the dead. Although I didn’t even notice the coffins in the Rider Waite version until recently! It always feels like a big YES to me. I like your emphasis on the “dispassionate” part of it. Like it’s a big “This is how it is!”

    Before I read your post, and just saw the picture, I thought it was the Tower! The RW card, to me, still has Spirit in the picture (literally!) this one is def more frightening, just in terms of that. Not complaining, just noticing…


    1. The Rider Waite version of Judgment I like to call “the Zombie Parade.” The Zombie deck, it’s definitely Tower-reminiscent, I see what you mean. I don’t dislike the card myself, but I know for a lot of people, it’s definitely a flincher card.

  2. Yikes, this is scary. I thought I was trying to be a “good person” but this makes me question it again. Have I tried hard enough to do the right thing? Because I feel like I’m less forgiving than I used to be (in my former life as a doormat) and maybe that went too far, in terms of my mental attitude. I want to be stronger, but not hard. Will something strike me down because I have some inner anger?

    1. LOL @ TracIE!

      See sofie, I’d see this card far more favorably for you than you’d tend to see for yourself. I do NOT see anger as bad or wrong in and of itself. To me, it’s like a notice something is off balance. Anger is closely aligned with fear, it’s often an impetus to examine restrictive situations and break free.

      Forgiveness ALWAYS must start at home/dixiblog/domains/afoolsjourney.com/public_html,. You cannot truly forgive anybody if you cannot forgive yourself first.

  3. Dixie, I feel your interpretation of this Judgement card really helps to present, to those like myself, a healthy way of taking inventory on choices made, or ones to be made.

    I’m going print it off and stash it in one of my favorite parenting books. I want to teach my kids about this energy early on so they aren’t muddling around in their mid- 40’s like myself.

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