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11/01/13: Nuggets of Truth / Judgment


Tarot Judgement Psychic Oracle

It’s the post-mortem review of a fight, not to decide who is “at fault” but to clarify and integrate lessons of the experience. It’s reviewing a budget against accounts to see where choices came out well—and not so well. It’s final exam day. It’s a detached review of what’s gone before, acknowledging both your role and the role of forces outside yourself. It’s evaluation time!

This is the energy of “Truth” and while we can ignore it, we cannot escape it. What’s more, that which has been seen cannot be unseen.

The Psychic Tarot Oracle’s version of Judgment (aka Truth) is a whole lot friendlier than what I call the “Zombie Parade” of the RWS deck, but we get the same gist nonetheless.

This woman is standing on a scale. Across from her is the other side of the same scale, although we cannot see what’s there. With her back to us, she’s weighing out the past.  And there’s definitely no cheating—she didn’t even strip down to hop on that scale as many are wont to do. Ha!

This image neatly encapsulates how I generally read Judgment. Judgment calls for an even-handed consideration in of all factors. It’s not an attempt to assign blame or pass out nuggets of guilt. Fault does not matter a whit! Truth matters.

Notice also the window, providing a majestic view of the cosmos. Her work, acknowledging and carefully weighing out the truth, is done within context of the greater world. Detachment is a necessary component to effectively work with this energy. If you let yourself be drawn into what “should have” been, anger or regret will cloud your sight and you’ll miss the point.

I take the (sometimes unpopular) stance that things happen exactly as they should, whether or not we like it.If that outcome isn’t pleasant, you do what you can to overcome or change it next go round. Or at the very least, try to get whatever is worthwhile out of the experience. I even go so far as to say very difficult lives are lived by choice of the soul before incarnation, but I know that’s not everybody’s gig.

Just know, it’s a very big world and we are very small components of that world. People live and die full of joys and sorrows, and in the gaps, they create and connect. Judgment helps you do a more efficient job of creating and connecting with consciousnesses. I’m not looking for finger-pointing in judgment today. I’m seeking nuggets of truth.

Are you finding nuggets of truth?

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Judgment, Psychic Tarot Oracle

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  1. You are quite right; this card is much more appealing than the angelic wake up call.
    I tend to life by : you reap what you sow. No guilt no sin, just the truthful law of cause and effect

  2. The nugget of truth, the lesson. This is such a nice counterpoint to So Done. I have been trying to integrate the lesson and feel gratitude for the wisdom that was attained. But I had lost trust in general. And this morning realized that good, decent people are all around, but tend to be anonymously living their lives, working hard, bearing burdens, holding onto integrity. And I silently acknowledge them, grateful that they exist in this realm. And I will turn my eyes toward that light.

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