May 23

In comes the Sun, But You’ve Gotta Look For It


I’m finding the way I thought things would go at a particular life crossroads that’s upon me–well, they aren’t going how I expected. It’s not so much “bad” as it is just plain different.

You know what I’m talking about, right? We all have these…sections, I guess, for want of a better word. Segments of our lives that require more from us. They may present challenges or disruptions. They won’t go as we’ve planned!

But no matter what, the door is still in front of us and we are still going through. With eclipses upon us and themes for them already appearing, I am beyond sure I’m not the only one stepping through one of these doors.

You can think on it and study and consider and imagine and plan and classify. You can do whatever you damn well want to in efforts to prepare. But one thing that’s becoming crystal clear to me: some issues, there is really no such thing as preparation, at least in the sense we think of it.

Some things will just change you and you may well realize this going in. That’s the context of my life right now, and judging by the cards for next week, I’d say there is no way I’m alone in this.

Next Week in the Cards

Outlook for the coming week is the Sun! I love seeing this card as an outlook. Things are looking up! Advice is the reversed Nine of Wands–cards pictured from the Star Tarot Deck.

You may not be perfectly ready to look ON the bright side, but be sure to look FOR that bright side anyway. Because you can be damn sure there absolutely IS a bright side if you’re willing to quit bellyaching about what’s not-so-bright long enough to see it.

A reversed Nine of Wands as advice would have you avoid digging in your heels or being rigid about approaches. It also suggests that any discomfort or disruption required to deal with whatever is unlikely to be long-term. Reversed, this card indicates it’s not going to take a huge amount of stamina to manage. Just flexibility.

So my advice to you is the exact same as my self-talk advice to me: look for the happy moments. Look for what you appreciate. Take pleasure and joy in whatever you can, however simple that pleasure may be.

Be ready to adjust and remember: nothing here is forever. That’s pretty much written in to the script of living, don’t you think? But we all could use reminders from time to time.

How are you faring? Can you find spots of sunshine to bask in?

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Nine of Wands, Star Tarot, The Sun

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