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02/03/12: Looking for Secrets? | High Priestess



Reading for others, one of the easiest traps to fall into is making intellectual assumptions on the face value of you’re told instead of relying on the reading process itself. Now, you’ll bring your brain as well as your intuition to every reading, and that’s proper and right. Your folks deserve the fullest of whatever you have to offer. But when you give your brain the bulk of the job, you’re cutting off your primary and most reliable source of information: the ethereal.

Tarot_2_The_High_PriestessToday’s Tarot is the High Priestess (Moon). Considered  something of patron priestess to Tarot readers everywhere, she deals with secrets, the unseen and unknown. Maybe even the unknowable. She is passive as opposed to active, receives as opposed to creates, essentially Yin to the Magician’s yang.

Funny—so much of the time, this card is read straight up as “secrets” when there is so much more there. Not surprising, I guess, considering who we’re talking about.

When you see the High Priestess, there is no need to seek out that hidden truth, by the way. Seeking actually confuses the issues because the surface details don’t reflect the full reality here. The are veneer, which does not interest her in the slightest. Instead, she gets quiet and she waits. Not only knowledge, but a deep, emotional (Moon) understanding comes via waiting, watching, and accepting.

The High Priestess gives pretty simple advice: wait, be open and receptive. FEEL your way around, and accept whatever you get. Accept, receive and acknowledge. Let all things flow and they’ll be revealed in their own time and place. There’s nothing for you to do.

Can you find use for the High Priestess’s advice in your life?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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  1. Can I find use for the High Priestess’s advice? YOU BETCHA! I have a hard time waiting for things to unfold as they should in their own time and even harder time ACCEPTING the outcome; however, this is exactly what I need to learn how to do.

    Seeking does CONFUSE! It doesn’t matter if it’s all ethereal or from the brain, which is really just an opinion, it’s still trying to gain knowledge before it’s time to understand and sometimes it’s not even mine to know.

    WISE ADVICE! :-*

  2. Ahh, my favorite card Dixie. This is great advice as well. I give such amazing readings when I am able to “get out of my own way” and not seek the answers, but let them rise up to the surface. Letting go of the outcome is a big issue for me in so many ways. I get so pressed about giving the best reading possible that my left brain won’t shut up and let the right brain hear what needs to be said.

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