August 13

08/13/11: Not all about You! | High Priestess Reversed


high-priestess-reversedI absorb. And if you are an absorber like me, sometimes, you’ll have trouble knowing what you generated personally and what energy you simply inhaled from outside yourself. At least, I have to remind myself to look for the difference. Energy can be sticky, from what I can tell.

Today’s Tarot forecast is the High Priestess reversed or the Priestess of the Silver Star, associated with the moon. I’ll most often see the High Priestess reversed when it’s all on the table, the issue is not ours, or we’re cut off from the Source. Certainly an appropriate card for the Full Moon in Aquarius! The card’s reversal suggests some emotional detachment (Aquarius) may be in order.

Tarot twos speak to duality and the High Priestess in particular carries absolute polarity within herself—she knows the unknowable, after all. She sees the invisible and feels the imperceptible. Being Yin, she is utterly yielding, receptive. She doesn’t need to seek, but allows the flow to come to her. The trick is being able to receive without becoming overwhelmed by the flow itself.

With the perspective granted in the generous light of a Full Moon, check those emotional boundaries. Where are the feelings coming from? Are you wearing someone else’s energy? Better yet, no matter—go ahead and steer toward joy by consciously seeking to act from a place of love. Goodwill is like Karmic insurance. And it feels good.

Do you notice yourself absorbing?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

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  1. Dixie, you’re simply amazing. I woke up yesterday, and found an e-mail from my mother, telling me a good friend’s father had passed away, and his funeral was at 11 a.m. Yikes. My inclination would be to just send a card, but I put it in high gear, got cleaned up, changed out of my barn clothes (lol!) and went to the funeral. (Which I don’t normally do. A little too “churchy” for me.)
    I kept reminding myself that sometimes it’s not all about ME. (I’ve been feeling particularly needy lately.)
    I was so glad I went – my girlfriend had moved out of state decades ago, and I was the only friend of hers there. Lots of family and family friends, but no close friend of hers.

    And…on the other hand….I’m still working hard at sifting out the energies that are mine (thoughts, beliefs, etc.) and which ones aren’t. I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but I’m doing something unseen with all the stuff that comes my way that isn’t mine. I’m still picking up everybody’s radio station.
    Will keep asking questions of the Universe.

    Good morning, everybody!!! I’ll take some of that energy, and send you all a huge wave of good ju-ju! So there!

  2. “The trick is being able to receive without becoming overwhelmed by the flow itself.”

    Wonderfully said. I’m working on it!

    Have a great day, Dixie

  3. Good morning Kim! lol, good to see ya smiling and spreading that cheer That’s the type of energy I love to absorb.

    And yes, my Pisces moon is VERY absorbent. It’s an everyday thing. Thank you Dixie, excellent as always

  4. It’s good to be reminded it’s not all about me LOL!

    On Monday my son got hit with a BAD case of vertigo & its really sad because it’s his 2nd week of football at his new school & he’s missing the first scrimmage. I was stressing & wondering if I had anything to do with it by allowing my mind to wonder onto other so much less important topics. I know that sounds very egotistical of me & I know I don’t have that kind of power in the universe but I was all worried about the KARMA of everything. It’s all about football in our house right now.

    I need to realize this could just be my son’s energy & I don’t need to add to the UNbalance of his vertigo!

    Hugs & good vibes to all!

  5. I did wake up feeling everyone else’s angst. Darn that full moon. But this is the perfect advice and instruction to detach… with love.

    Kim, thanks for the nice ju-ju!!!


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