April 15

04/16/13: Quietly Listen / High Priestess


When you hear what is NOT said louder than what IS said, when you clear your mind or preconceptions to allow the truth to arrive organically, when a knowingness extends to other people’s secrets, you’ve tapped into the realm of the High Priestess.

She may deal in secrets, but is not a perpetrator of deception. She’s an oracle who sees through ruses. She just doesn’t necessarily blurt the details. Her motto could easily be, “All in the right time.”


The High Priestess is sort of a patron of Tarot readers and psychics—here she’s shown with a book of knowledge, displaying the Alpha and the Omega, i.e. the beginning and the end, thereby encompassing all. The moon pictured with a hint of the Sun shining at top and the Yin-Yang reinforce her duality, especially notable in Tarot twos. The predominance of water reminds us of her deeply intuitive nature. And while she is a passive vessel, a receiver as opposed to an actor, you’d be wise to not underestimate; she has an infinite well of hidden power from which to draw. People mistake her silence for ignorance.

The High Priestess can show up as a prompt to wait, allow, and accept what is surely coming. She encourages us to listen to our own inner knowing and as much as anything, she is a sign more is afoot than meets the eye. The most important truths are not upon public display.

She also challenges our common notions of passivity—passive does not equal weak to her! Patience can require a huge amount self-control. But self-control is not a problem. It’s not that she doesn’t feel anything. She feels too deeply and completely to easily put her feelings into words. But she doesn’t need to express it, because for her, experiencing is sufficient.

Use her energy today or more aptly put, allow it. Listen between the lines. Be aware of what’s not said. Keep reactions internal and let the picture emerge. Allow certainty to come to you—and it will, if you quietly listen.

Do you relate to the High Priestess?

Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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  1. This is life changing…

    I have part of it: Seeing and Silence.

    Now I realize I need the specific kind of peace described:

    Knowing. Certainty. Power. Patience.

    I had been Seeing, yet feeling no power to change it.

    There is peace and power in those eyes!

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