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09/28/13: Pregnant Pauses / High Priestess


High Priestess

Sometimes what you don’t see in a Tarot reading is more important as what you do see. If I’m reading on a relationship, finding zero Cups in the spread would be more concerning to me than Swords a’plenty.

The High Priestess is telling us today to look for what’s missing. The “tell” is not in what is said or done—it’s in what is NOT said or done. Answers reside in the empty spaces, that expected which doesn’t come.

So the message that goes unanswered, the call that does not come, or the details that are not forthcoming are what you want to attune to right now. The waiting says more than the appointment.

Because those pauses? They’re pregnant with information!

You noticing “pregnant pauses?”

Tarot Illuminati by Eric Dunne & Kim Huggens

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High Priestess, Tarot Illuminati

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  1. I hope I will hear good news on a big deal. I took your previous advice for the week to not meddle in the ongoing process, and just let it work itself out. But I hope this will be ok. Haven’t heard from the lawyers.

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