July 19

Everyday Tarot, 07/19/11: High Priestess Suggests Leap of Faith


high-priestess-tarot-meaningKnowing the unknowable…it’s what the High Priestess of Tarot does, and it’s also kind of my job. For this very Virgo chick—one who’s been known to obsessively research info before sharing with clients, for example–this is an odd juxtaposition to willingly undergo. And yet, I do.And I’m glad for it. It really does take a leap of faith.

Today’s Tarot forecast is the High Priestess or The Priestess of the Silver Star, associated with the Moon. She’s all about the water, man. As one of the Tarot Twos, her presence is felt in terms of polarities—the seen versus the unseen, the known versus the unknowable. What you see and what you feel are two different things here.

I’ll tell you something, about reading the cards. Every single reading I do, without fail, in an act of absolute faith, trusting in that unconscious, unseen, spirit world, that it will provide the goods, you know?

It reminds me a lot of how I felt, when I first began working for myself. There’s that point you reach, when you somehow know, you CAN do this, it will work, as long as you expect it to, listen to your inner guidance, and allow. Before you hit that point, it feels very touch-and-go. And it is.


The “allow” part? That’s the hardest. Fear gets in the way. Fear activates the vibration of lack, of wanting, and that’s what you experience. It quickly becomes a vicious circle. Whereas allowing requires you are yin, open, receptive to whatever comes, EVEN IF it’s not in the package you’d select or expect. It’s listening to your gut and acting on your intuition, even with no outside indication.

Funny thing, about those leaps of faith? Each one you take and survive makes that faith a little stronger. Your faith grows, and thus each leap takes you a little further. I mean, you can stop jumping whenever you’d like. But if you did that, you wouldn’t get nearly as far, now, would you?

The High Priestess reminds us to honor our psychic, intuitive gifts by acting in accordance. She would have us trust our inner knowing, without requiring outside confirmation beyond a history of not having been betrayed by our higher selves.

How’s your inner knowing treat you?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot

by Ciro Marchetti

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High Priestess, Major Arcana, Moon, Tarot Twos

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  1. She follows me around..the high priestess. I like your take on this. Lots to think about..lots and lots.
    Thanks Dix!

  2. This really hits home/dixiblog/domains/afoolsjourney.com/public_html for me! I am ready and working on taking my own leap of faith today! I have decided to move forward with my business idea to bring in extra income for my family. It just feels right, and the pull is undeniable, and I am no longer willing to ignore it any longer to just keep my husband happy!

  3. Man, I can’t even begin to explain how much this resonates with me today. The High Priestess has been haunting me since spring… she hasn’t been showing up a lot, but just enough to let me know that I need to pay attention, and that she’s not going to let up on me.

    Okaaaay… I’m listening!

  4. I’m not surprised we have some “High Priestess” folks around here. She is the Tarot readers’ friend, after all. And I know, I could stand to do a better job of listening to her sometimes myself. It’s very good luck to pay attention, you know. :clover:

  5. Pisces Moon sitting in my third at the moment. I definitely trust my inner guidance… it has been uncanny under this moon.

  6. Wow! This was the perfect message for me today. Thank you so much for posting it! I found your website by “accident”, and I’m so glad I did. Thank you, and many blessings to you!

    Melanie Jade

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