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03/29/12: Source of Wisdom? | High Priestess


high-priestessNot too long ago, I got an urge to pull out an old gift. Divination cards that teach Wiccan beliefs. Rather than go through the cards and associated teachings in an orderly fashion as the book suggests, I’m just pulling cards. ‘Cause that’s my gig, you know. More than being a rebel, I trust the cards!

I drew the “Book of Shadows.” It was in the context of a story about the Book of Shadows quizzing the traveller, but that particular part of the story popped at me, loud.

“You add, ‘I did not know the answers.’ The Crone smiles and replies, ‘If the answers were not within you, you would have never heard the questions.‘” -A Traveller’s Guide to the Well Worn Path

I got goosebumps. I read it three more times, and got three more sets of goosebumps. Pay attention, Dixie. That’s what my goosebumps say.

Today’s Tarot patron priestess of readers everywhere! The High Priestess (Moon) is guardian to all that is unknown. Yin to the Magician’s yang, she doesn’t direct, doesn’t propel, doesn’t make anything happen directly. She receives—as the vessel, she accepts.

Behind her sits the entire watery intuitive realm. The pillars surrounding are representative of pillars called Boaz and Jachin at Solomon’s Temple. She is, indeed, keeper of wisdom. As one of the Tarot Twos, she embodies polarity. Black and white, right and wrong, not knowing and knowing are part of her sloshy terrain. You get to pass through the veil, reaching her wisdom, by being willing to receive it.

Ever since I’ve started down the woo-woo road, the questioning is a constant companion. This is all so…nebulous. I worry—Virgo is like that—that I’m missing something, not doing as much or as well as I might somehow. Not living my potential, not giving what I really can. But you don’t make this foolish journey by painstakingly planning and mapping a route. It’s an inner trek, embarked upon by opening your head and heart up to it.

Spiritual seeking is a way of reaching upward, allowing the wisdom within to attach a response to the question. It’s calling out to the Higher self, the divinity spark within each of us that is connected to infinity. The source connection is activated, and each question comes with an answer, in a perfectly match set.

I don’t have to keep asking, “Am I doing what I should be doing? Am I learning and studying what I should be? Am I on the right path?” The stressing is unnecessary if I maintain faith, knowing having the question itself means the answer is already there. It cannot exist in a vacuum. All I have to do is ask and keep my heart open to receiving.

What does the High Priestess tell you today?

The Well Worn Path
by Raven Grimassi

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  1. “‘If the answers were not within you, you would have never heard the questions.‘” This sounds like something we said yesterday!

    This is a timely & enlightening post today! :yes:

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