April 17

High Priestess: Full Empty Spaces


Ever find your emotion out of proportion to external events? Reactions way too intense for the actual circumstances?

I’ve been feeling this more often lately. Someone says something on a forum and I–knowing how very wrong they are, of course!–want to smack ’em upside the head with a clue-by-four. Not really like me.

Or a kind gesture from an unexpected quarter melts me into a puddle of surprised tears. It doesn’t have to be crankiness which overflowth. It can be gratitude or exhaustion or relief or worry or anything else.

When I find myself overreacting, I figure I’ve either have tapped a vein of something deeper, or there’s pressure built up under the surface that is escaping. Like an emotional backup event or something.

I don’t consider this a failure of self-control, by the way.  I think of it more an indication, a point of note about what else is going on, beneath the conscious awareness. Feelings are never right or wrong in my world. They just are. You can process them, manage them or try to ignore them, but if you deny them they will absolutely find their own way to the surface.

I expect the coming days to feature this “too much emo for the situation” phenomena, even for people who are not me.

So if it appears for you, ask yourself what the incident might have to tell you. And be sure to follow the cards’ advice below…

Next Week in the Cards

Outlook this week is The High Priestess, with advice from the Queen of CupsLegacy of the Divine deck.

The High Priestess always speaks to the invisible–what’s not seen, what’s under the surface, where words not spoken are far more revelatory than those said aloud.

It’s the spaces between we’re talking here. So, expect the coming week to be packing a serious undertow. Face value won’t necessarily mean much. But a notable absence, on the other hand? That will speak volumes.

The Queen of Cups is quite clear in her advice, though.

FEEL your way through.

Support yourself emotionally first, and you’ll be in a better place to manage everything else. Talk to friends and family (or therapists, or Tarot readers–whomever it is) to maintain perspective and receive needed support.

Let people support you. 

All of these things will help but first and foremost, let your heart guide you. Your intuition will steer true when the fog is otherwise impossible to navigate.

Ground in love. Connect. Listen. Be.

Here’s hoping you have a solid week, friends. Much love to you. And be kind to yourselves out there!

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High Priestess, Legacy of the Divine, Queen of Cups

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