June 17

Hierophant Rx: Set Your Own (Nontraditional) Standards


I  love my wildflowers. And I love the little bit of chaos that comes when you plant a dollar’s worth of wildflower seeds in pots around your front porch. There’s not order to that. There’s no rows. There’s not segregating the flowers by height or genus or color. That is a little bit of chaos. And there’s nothing to be done for it.

There are just those flowers, opening as they see fit, wearing whatever color they happen to be wearing. They respond to their own internal direction and our big mouths don’t have any say.

That’s the Hierophant reversed.

The Hierophant reversed doesn’t give a flying rat’s ass about what anybody else thinks. He understands, other people and circumstances are inherently uncontrollable. So all he can do with this is decide, for himself.  How he’s going to be, and how he’s going to look at the world. And that’s how you access the power, of the Hierophant reversed.

That’s what’s on my radar for right now. No explaining. No justifying. No second-guessing.

You set your own standards. Committee of one.

Video Transcript

Hey. This is Dixie from A Fool’s Journey. And I’m gonna see what card comes up and talk kinda about what’s on my radar for right now.

So hang on.

Hi. Thanks for tuning in, staying tuned, let me draw a card here. Okay. I’ve got the Hierophant reversed.

You make your own definition for success. You decide what your own standards are. It doesn’t have to be traditional. It doesn’t have to be what anybody else thinks is okay. You don’t need anybody’s approval. And please don’t justify it.

I was planting some flowers this year. And, I didn’t put them in the ground. I got a little box of wildflower seeds and put them in various pots. And what I was noticing as I’m watching these, ’cause they’re a fun kind of flower to grow, because you’re never quite sure what you’re gonna get.

You watch it, and it opens a little bit, and it opens a little more. And it opens a little more. And the fun or the excitement of it isn’t even so much the flower. It’s like, watching it unfold. Watching things kind of come together.

And if I was in a really orderly, A-B-C, everything has to be this way kind of traditional, controlling place, I really could not have enjoyed that little bit of chaos. And the thing is, when you march to the tune of your own drummer, there’s more than a little, little bits of chaos in your life.

Whether or not anybody else thinks they’re okay or appropriate or whatever, doesn’t matter! What matters is what feels right to you. And listening to your own song, and kinda being in your own place.

So that’s the message for right now. Let your life unfold as it is and don’t worry about what’s okay for anybody else, ’cause nobody else gets a vote!

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Okay? I hope that’s helpful to you or interesting or whatever. And come visit me on a fool’s journey dot com. Subscribe to my channel, all that good stuff. Take care, peace out from Dix the Zen Goddess. Bye bye!

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The Hierophant

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