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04/05/14: Defeating False Prophets / Hierophant Reversed


Hierophant Reversed Meaning

When I saw the Hierophant reversed paired with “what you can’t change,” one phrase immediately came to mind: False Prophets.

This is one thing you can never change. There are always going to be false teachings, and even teachers who know it. There will always be hucksters and shysters and people who push others’ buttons for their own edification.

Don’t try to change it. Just be cautious about guarding your own power. Owning your power is sacred, it’s your life, it’s your strength and your responsibility. Don’t give it away easily. Power can be recaptured, but sometimes  it takes a Hell of a battle. Much easier to guard it carefully to begin with.

Whatever someone says or does, consider not the source nor how someone is perceived by the world at large, but YOUR own heart. Who someone claims to be is irrelevant. What “most people” think is irrelevant. The words or the image or the veneer is irrelevant. Tune in to your connection to reclaim your own authority.

It will never steer you wrong.

Noticing false prophets lately?

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