October 26

10/26/11: Seeking the Hierophant’s Leadership


“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” –Buddhist Proverb


Part of my gig in doing Tarot work is ongoing learning. It’s a staggering responsibility, reading for others. I feel very strongly that if I am to take that on, I have to do the best job I know how. So it behooves me to seek ongoing opportunities for improvement and advancing my skills. I take it very seriously. Fortunately, Tarot has a suggestion!

Today’s Tarot is the Hierophant, also known as Magus of the Eternal Gods, associated with Taurus. He usually represents stable, established (Taurus) religious or spiritual traditions. The spiritual school of thought he represents does not have to be strictly conventional, although they often are and he can show up to refer to established, old-school traditions specifically. But not always. He is the counterpart to the High Priestess—while she represents the inner-directed world of mysticism and secret, he shares the same energy with the outer world. He is leader of a community, the wise old man, the shaman, the pope, the elder who shares his wisdom with others.

There are countless avenues to do just this. I may participate in professional Tarot groups. I may study the Tarot classics, or pursue ongoing education in fields like Astrology, Numerology or various Esoteric systems. I may engage in Magic work, learn about Chakras, observe Wiccan holidays, or simply learn from others who walk a more formal path than do I. There are as many ways to honor the knowledge and traditions that have come before as there are people wanting to do so. So I let enthusiasm and joy guide me to where I need to go.

The Hierophant would have us study and learn from established traditions, using this knowledge to discover practical applications of our values. Look for leadership, a mentor, or authorities to help you grow. Keep your eyes peeled for a teacher or guide, bringing just what you needed to move forward more quickly and confidently. The main thing is look for help making your spiritual life more meaningful and fulfilling on a day-to-day basis. The Hierophant is all about wisdom and light that is shared.

Do you have a Hierophant in your life?

Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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  1. I have a day off! I have a ton of stuff to do of course, but already knew I wanted to set today aside a bit as something special and renewing. This was exactly what I needed to read to inspire me. I haven’t had 2 seconds to really just do anything for myself that I didn’t use for a blink nap to keep me going just a smidgen longer. I will make today a spiritual spa day and take the time to learn. Thanks, Dixie

  2. Yep, I’ve found what I need to move forward. The cool thing is, the teachers I’m learning from teach me how to figure out what’s right for ME! So while I’m learning how to access that information, the wisdom is everything I carry within. Which really resonates with me!
    LOVE this card deck, Dixie. It’s just beautiful.
    And thanks!

  3. Well, I had him this morning in my reading. I don’t know, Dixie, that I have a Heirophant figure that I turn to. But, I am seeking stability, earthy-ness..all that is Taureaun today. I feel like I need it.

  4. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” –Buddhist Proverb”

    My teacher is a pink haired funny lady from Kansas with a sharp wit and ninja tarot skills. In the past I always wanted to “know” but what I discovered is I didn’t really understand what I NEEDED to know.

    Me always asking & wanting to know “what will happen” is solely based on my F-E-A-R! However, I wasn’t aware of that-I just thought I had no patience with limited boundaries & had become a BITCHIER worry wart as I got older. HOLY CRAP I’M BECOMING MY MOTHER & I didn’t like that one bit! I do love her but don’t want to be her. Dixie helped me shine the light on where all the fear came from & that was a HUGE watershed moment for me-lots of tears ya know.

    I am not my mother. I am ME in all my shiny glory! Doing the best I can do every day on MY fool’s journey w/ blonde hair!

    An apple for my teacher-THANKS Dixie!

  5. Josi,

    I’m not tarot knowledgeable so I don’t know if this really applies but I do believe we can be our own Hierophant. You’re “seeking” something & YOU are using your skills to find it; doing tarot, reading Dixie’s wise words & whatever else you do to reach your goal. Sometimes just looking in the mirror, in our past or deep down in our hearts is a teaching moment & you’re the only one who reallys knows what’s in there hence you’re the teacher.

    Good luck on stabilizing!

      1. I like that–tuning into your inner Hierophant. Good one, Cancermom!

        And Josi, we all know you have enough Neptune to access the ethereal realm like nobody’s business. You just have to ground every once in a while to keep from floating off. I think that’s what you need an Ox for. One of the things.

  6. Unfortunately I haven’t run across any shamans lately…about the only Hierphants of old school I could deal with…can’t deal with a lot of the patriarch mumbo jumbo…trusting my inner high priestess works pretty well though…has to…

  7. When I first began reading Tarot, the Hierophant baffled me. I hated seeing him in spreads. I simply didn’t know what he meant. I could read the books about how he stood for established order especially religious, but it still didn’t register. It evaded me.

    Knowing the blockage, I began looking at my experience with religion. It wasn’t positive. I also looked at my experience as a gay man with authority and especially with my father. There were issues that needed to be brought out to heal. Once I began that work, the Hierophant lost his stern appearance and gained a more mystical one.

    I can see him now as a gateway or key-holder to higher realms. Those areas of myself that need to be brought to higher light are all revealed by the Hierophant. Today, I trust my intuition, and I know that everyone I come in contact with is a teacher. Some teach me how to be closer to higher spirit, and some show me what to avoid.

    Excellent insight today, Dixie. :sun:

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