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04/26/14: Attentive Student / Hierophant



Sometimes, when I go back and read my old words, they amaze me. As in, how much have I forgotten that I’ve known? And do I still know it?

Osho Zen usually has it’s own way of talking, but this version of the Hierophant as “no-thingness” really speaks a different language. The last few days, seems like the themes have been emerging around the spaces between words and the form created of emptiness.

The Hierophant is, of course, an “establishment” type of teacher, representing both long-practiced spiritual traditions and conventional wisdom. And there is no doubt truth to be had there, insights and great value.

But today, I’m seeing the message more closely aligned with what the student hears than what the teacher is teaching.

Zen philosophy would suggest the the Tao you can put into words is no longer the Tao. As soon as you try to wedge universality into limited language, those boundaries unavoidably created by the words can never do the experience justice.

The nature of divinity is not something that can be adequately captured in an image or summed up with even the most eloquent language. It’s an elusive beast, slipping from your grasp the minute you try to put your finger on it. No picture can contain it. But our little snapshots, incomplete as they are, can still help us gradually develop a better understanding along the way. This is the work of lifetimes, not afternoons.

It’s not about what someone can teach you. It’s what you are ready to learn. Being wide open, listening without judging what you are about to hear, and then looking to fit what you divine into a framework of perception—or stretching that framework as appropriate to make room for the new material–is how we cross that divide.

The search today is not for a better teacher! It’s finding the teacher already present in your lives, the teachers than show up in the form of everyone and everything around you. The quest is becoming a more mature, attentive student.

Are you finding lessons all around?

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