July 15

Everyday Tarot, 07/15/11: What are you hoping to accomplish?


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

“What are you hoping to accomplish here?” This is one of my favorite (and probably most annoying) questions. I mean, I’m pretty sure it is annoying. Because I sometimes annoy myself with it!

But still, it behooves us to ask, what’s the goal? Whenever I’m feeling stuck or unsure of what step’s next, you can use this question to orient like a compass pointing True North. The trick is cutting Mr. Ego out of the calculations. He insists everything has to be as it “should” be instead of as it is, and burns a lot of fuel being outraged and indignant. Bah.  Today’s Tarot Forecast is Wisdom, better known as the Hierophant, Magus of the Eternal Gods, associated with Taurus. Reliable, dependable and constant is what we’re looking for here. And stubborn—this is fixed energy, like a mountain. It’s not moving. Wisdom suggests we find some stabilizing convictions to ground and guide.

One of my guiding principles is aiming to live my life without ill-intent.  Since I don’t have a halo hovering above my noggin, sometimes when I am upset or hurt, it becomes difficult to feel kind, especially towards those I associate with my pain. But what I’ve found is the further I stray from my higher, guiding intentions, the more uncomfortable I become. It’s an alarm system telling me I’m out of alignment. I suffer as long as I linger.

So if I want to feel good, blessed and generous, I had better find ways of thinking that support that. I avoid investing in energy I don’t want in my experience. If it’s not what I want to live, not in line with my core beliefs, I don’t give it my energy to feed.

Instead, I can refocus on my intent, send some light out to any disruptions and consider it “handled,” and go about my business.

Pulling back to use your core values, your sense of what’s right and what you want to build solid, is how you use the energy of the Hierophant to guide you.

Do you know what you’re hoping to accomplish?

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  1. lol. I have to ask myself this every time my husband tells me to calm down. I have a well-developed fight reflex … not so much the flight reflex. If I get scared, I lash out with my fire-whip tongue. I’ve gotten better at realizing it’s from fear, holding the next strike in my throat (uncomfortable!) and asking who I’m protecting myself from and … What is my goal? -besides making it where nobody wants to be near the crazy wildfire woman!

    I also ask this question when I walk into a room … and can’t remember what the hell I went in there for.

    1. “I also ask this question when I walk into a room … and can’t remember what the hell I went in there for.”

      :laugh: Haha! I hear you.

  2. “What are you hoping to accomplish here?”

    I need to have that framed and hung in every room where I can see it the moment I enter. On the dashboard of my car… programmed into my cell phone…. Maybe tattooed on my hand….

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