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03/24/13: Blessing versus Disaster / Hierophant, 9 of Swords



This is the Osho Zen version of the Hierophant and Nine of Swords. A little ouchie, isn’t it? There are so many ways this could be read. But I’m seeing this as a bit of a Zen directive today.

The expression of energy itself is not so much right or wrong, good or bad. It merely IS. No-thing-ness. It’s the great teacher, experience, and lessons can be easy or hard but they will no doubt arrive. As they do, it is our own fears, worries, guilt and isolation in approaching those truths that attach “sorrow” to circumstances.

What is awful at the time can be considered perfect with a different perspective. Granted, perspective can be a damned slippery critter.

Some things are HARD, I know. But tears? They can clear our eyes of obstacles previously blocking vision. Tears can be a way of releasing pent up emotion we may not have even realized we had building. Tears can give us a sense of fresh start. Have you ever noticed tears almost always end with an accompanying a sense of relief?

Not that I’m trying to be the cheerleader for bawling, okay? I hate bawling! I’m just saying that the underlying principles of all-that-is trumps transient sadness. The sorrow or joy connected to how this all-that-is reality expresses are very human reactions. What’s more, they are finite reactions. Remember that bit.

Know your emotional responses—positive or negative, for that matter—are just that, emotional responses! They do not speak to the event in and of itself. The more you can release attachment, the more you can see whatever comes for what it is: lessons. Both the blessings and the disasters, you boil down the emotion to get the core ingredient, and everything becomes a lesson.

Have you found your perceptions of blessing versus disaster shift with perspective?

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Nine of Swords, Osho Zen, The Hierophant

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  1. “Have you found your perceptions of blessing versus disaster shift with perspective?”

    AB-SO-FREAKING-LUTELY!!! At the time we may not think it’s the case but when you can shift your perspective of YOURSELF then it’s easier to see situations in a better way.

    Removing the sorrow (or pity party) changes your ability to change NO-thingness to FULL-ness. Full of joy, contentment, love and more importantly WORK. No work keeps the space full of no-thingness.

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