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03/27/13: The Truth Filter/ rev Hermit


Ever had the feeling, everybody else knows more than you?

When we’re talking about YOUR TRUTH, actually nobody does!

I’m damn good at what I do. But no matter how good a person is at this work, it’s ultimately up to the recipient to determine personal truth of each and every message. The messages I get are not for me, and hence sometimes, my people understand them in ways I do not. Growth necessitates an open mind and heart, but never consume someone else’s conclusions without discernment, running them through your own truth filter.

Your truth always, always, always belongs to you. Never give away that power. Don’t give it to me, or your mom, or science, or a psychologist or a spouse or a friend. It’s not only a sacred right, it’s sacred responsibility to determine and live by your own truth.


I usually read the Hermit as a directive to look inward. Sometimes, he can show up as a spiritual mentor or trusted teacher. Today, I’m seeing him upside down as giving notice you may be giving others too much sway. The reversed Hermit doesn’t just say, “No, it’s not truth.” He also suggests that following questionable “wisdom” can be detrimental.

Those feelings that guide us along the path can be subtle. Sometimes, it’s like an internal bell ringing, a “click,” a sense of knowingness or acknowledgment when we’ve hit personal truth. People will often say, “It just feels right,” or “Deep down, I already knew that.”

When a message is off, we may feel slightly uncomfortable, uneasy or distracted. It may sound good, but doesn’t seem to hit home or have the power we’d expect. It’s not about hearing what we expect or want to hear in guidance, although those are potential blocks to growth. It’s about a deeper sense of rightness, triggered by our individual intuitive skills, that acts as confirmation.

As you practice paying attention to your intuition and internal guidance system, you get better at it. You can feel subtler energy differences, faster and with greater accuracy. Your own observations and self-corrective mechanisms become shaper. The messages also start pouring in faster and louder as you go. Rejoice! You’ve managed to route more juice to that internal, spiritual GPS that guides you along your own path.

Leaders and teachers worth following will look to empower YOU to hear and heed the call of your internal voice. They want to feed your spirit instead of brag about their own. They may wax philosophical over the work itself or the spirit behind it, but not so much themselves as channels for that energy. Truly worthy leaders always look to build others up. A good leader does not set themselves out to be gifted so much as help you see the ways in which you are gifted. 

Have you run across questionable (or worthy) teachers?

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  1. Recently we got a “no” on something we really wanted to happen, it was shocking & upsetting. I asked for ethereal confirmation from a VERY trusted source & got “it’s not over yet”. I SOOO want to believe this yet there’s nothing in the real world to inidicate this. So what do I believe? The answer; listen to my voice & answers from my “people”. Our people talk ya know

    Looking back when we got “no” I didn’t freak out I responded “I don’t think it’s final yet”…hmmm why did I say this. The next move is just as telling – we consulted the cards. So what’s the answer? “Have FAITH woman, it’ll work out in due time”, God’s time, not mine. Maybe the is important-a cancelled trip maybe. Hubby wouldn’t cancel it but NOT a good time for this trip IMHHousewifeO.
    Whatever it is I need to BELIEVE! Highest & best good you know.

    “…teachers worth following will look to empower YOU”. THANK YOU for helping me calm down enough to hear my own voice & being able to hear & see other’s “voices” – no matter where they’re from hehe.

    Wise words my pink haired friend & teacher. Love, Grasshopper

  2. “Have you run across questionable (or worthy) teachers?”

    Yes, both. From an early age, I had the ability to discern between the two. This has served me well.

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