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04/22/14: Art of Being Human / Hermit Reversed



One of the more uncomfortable realizations as I progressed in the professional woo-woo world was getting slapped with the notion that some in this world–regardless of perceived status–are not all “love and light.” Even among the well-intentioned, ego trips, inflamed self-righteousness, and entrenched dogma shocked and disturbed me. Occasionally, it still does. But what’s even more difficult to reconcile are those blind spots that exist both within those would-be heroes and within ourselves.

It only makes sense, of course. People are people are people. It’s naive to expect anything different from those we would otherwise tend to look up to.

I’m sure my reaction wasn’t unlike many who feel callings to professions ostensibly geared toward the higher good. Religious, political, judicial, social causes and more can all be mechanisms for positive change…or incredible abuses of power. It’s easy enough to forget for a minute that people are still people, no matter what the title after their name or the lengthy lists of accomplishments on their resumes.

I usually associate these ideas with the reversed Hierophant (as in false prophets), but seeing the reversed Hermit, the same kind of vibe is striking me now. Can you hear your inner wisdom over the din of other voices?

I’m not advocating cynicism. The “lesson” is not one of isolation or paranoia. It’s about being your own authority. Any time you hand the meaning of your life, the right to make your own choices, over to your priest or your Tarot reader or your astrologer or your shrink or you spouse or your mother or your best friend, you’re making a tragic mistake!

And if you’re in the position to lead, you much constantly search within, looking for your own blind spots. Each of us is a student and a teacher. We are Hermits ourselves even as we seek the wisdom of other Hermit figures.

I’m not sure what I want to say about this, other than to remember we are human. We are fallible. The lesson is about doing the best you can, all the time, whether it’s supported by outside “authorities” or not. We learn from the times we both take ourselves too seriously (ego run amok) or don’t take ourselves seriously enough (handing over our power).

I have to answer for my own behavior, and you have to answer for yours. I suppose our sense of self needs to be healthy enough to withstand criticism but not so overpowering as to suggest infallibility.

That fallibility is part of what it means to be human. But I feel like I’m rambling and not being so clear. So I’ll let it go for now.

Do you see anything of note in this lesson?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems

[Trimmed and Glittered]

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  1. There is definitely a lot to note in today’s message, Dixie. Listening to your own voice, following your own heart ~ that’s the path to becoming the Hermit and knowing who you really are. Great reading!

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