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04/15/12: All about You! | Hermit



Oh, Tarot is such a cut-up! Yesterday, we got the Mars card. Today, we’ve got the Virgo card. Mars insists on going first, of course. Mars just went direct in Virgo. Virgo power! So let’s put it to good use, since Virgo’s got extra gas.

The Hermit keeps his solitary peace because his journey is ultimately inward. He seeks, studies and looks to understand, and can because he removes himself from distraction. His brand of solitude is not necessarily how we’d want to live our entire lives, but there at times when it’s called for. However, even if he’s not literally holed up on his own, he may be intellectually or emotionally withdrawn.

You’ll see him appear upright when you’re in a period of self-reflection, or perhaps you should be! He tells you the answers you’re looking for are not about anybody else, as much as you may think to the contrary.

The Hermit is all about YOU. Not what anybody said or did or deserves or thinks or whatever. Irrelevant to the Hermit. His question is the same: What does this mean to ME? For me? About me? Look inside.

I think of Tarot this way, myself. Much like the Hermit. All roads inevitably lead back home.

You doing any soul searching?

Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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  1. Funny: Yesterday, I got into another argument, having had only two hours of sleep and I was accused of it all being about me – on my birthday. The person who said it, knows that isn’t true, even with me being an Aries. I’ve always been too damned concerned about others, which leads to me letting my guard down and getting smacked. I let my guard down in the early hours, concerned that someone would feel left out of this weekend’s activities, and then they were just horrible to me, as usual. The day was also reminding me of Labour day weekend, when one of my cats was dying – down to the same movies being on the television. So I was crying on-and-off until around 10pm.

    The person who said I didn’t care about anyone else, took it back. I’d asked them to earlier, but they were angry, so they wouldn’t. I then did a very Aries thing, and ordered them to come out with me. I knew the fighting would stop, as it did, and later on, they took it back, over dinner. Today is much better so far, although I got up late. The day is beautiful, I slept, and no run-ins so far. And I did find some inspiration at the bookstore last night: one book written by a reporter from around here, called “Be The Miracle.”

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