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10/08/13: Goldilocks Ego / The Hermit


The Hermit Tarot Nova

“You have to hold your own truth safe in your heart, and partake only of that which satisfies it,” I said to a friend, concerned about a choice she had made.

Folks come to people like me seeking many things—answers, advice, a way out of pain, spiritual guidance, a taste of the future, or just plain, old fashioned reassurances. If you are any good whatsoever at this work, you’d better watch your ego.

If the ego gets too big, it could run away with you, generating all kinds of messes! If the ego is too small, you won’t have the guts to stand up and say, “This is what I see, right wrong or indifferent, I have to stay true to it.” You need what I think of as the “Goldilocks ego.” Just right! Big enough to trust your connection and have faith in what you do, but small enough that it never, ever, ever becomes ABOUT YOU.  That’s a mean trick to master and in practice, people usually swing back and forth on the continuum, it’s not a static thing. But if you get too far off center, you can expect to get a smack down.

The Hermit reinforces this message. It’s always, always, always about your own truth!

If I tell you something in a reading, please consider it. My Goldilocks ego tells me, I have a gift talking to these little cards, and with the help of my spirits, I can bring through some worthwhile and helpful information.

My Goldilocks ego also tells me, I am a human and I make mistakes! I am not always right! If what I say feels inaccurate, uncomfortable, or somehow “off” to you, please don’t act on it! Instead, use your own Goldilocks Ego to decide if this what I say (or what anyone else says) rings true in your heart. This is not a function of how much you do or don’t want to acknowledge an idea. It’s a function of what your heart knows is true.

What do you think of the Goldilocks ego concept?

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  1. I like the Goldilocks ego. She works for me, too, when I’m calm enough to listen. I used to be the type who had a lot of trouble speaking up = now it just pops out, if I’m in the right (wrong) mood for it to do so. Usually in response to someone else’s ego prodding at mine.

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