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10/22/13: Defining Agendas / The Hermit


The Hermit Zombie TarotHave you noticed all the Nines we’ve had lately? The number seems to be jumping out at me from these daily forecasts. And we’ve recently seen another version of the Hermit as well. Damn.

When Tarot stutters, the wise reader pays special attention.

The Hermit today is telling me to create your own world, construct your own reality. Don’t look out the window to find your next great guru, the next magical book with “everything you need to know,” or some outer secret to solving all your problems. You can get valuable information from the outside and take it in, absolutely, but true enlightenment happens from the inside out.

Those zombies outside the window, the ones claiming to have all the answers? Eh, they have an agenda. The guru and the potential partner and the friend and the lady on the commercial, each and every one has an agenda that may or may not integrate well with your needs.

Also ask yourself, what is my agenda? Everybody has one. Even wanting to be helpful or happy or spiritual or a great spouse or whatever, these drives are agendas. I’m not framing it in morality here. It just is. What’s not a good idea, though, is lacking consciousness of personal agendas. If you realize what you want and why you want it, your decisions can be directed with that understanding.

I have agendas of living a happy life, contributing to other people’s growth, and supporting my children, for example. I also have an agenda of earning a living, having plenty to eat and growing my skills. Some agendas are clearly self-focused, and some other focused, but understanding what I want here helps me stay clear when dealing with life and making decisions.

Know thyself and the call of the Zombies outside won’t disrupt your mojo, grasshopper. Take the time and energy it requires because it’s damn important.

Can you identify your own agendas? Are you happy with them?

P.S. If you hate the Zombie Tarot, sorry! For the end of October, I’m using this deck in celebration of Halloween. So don’t bother asking me to switch decks. And if you love the Zombie Tarot, congratulations! Enjoy it while it lasts and Happy Halloween.

The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead with Deck and Instructions
The Zombie Tarot: An Oracle of the Undead

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  1. I love the love the Zombie tarot! Very appropriate for this season.
    This post is a good reminder to evaluate my agenda’s and check if I’m on the right track’
    “Know thyself”; that’s an oldie

  2. Ha! I used to be kind of scared by the Zombie Tarot! Ya, they’re all undead and stuff. But one of them became one of my favorites… you had pulled it some time ago, the Hanged Man. Now this Hermit is pretty cool. Aside from the deeper interpretations, the look on the protagonist’s faces are so darn funny and actually helped me to channel that emotion. This hermit girl looks blithely oblivious, content, cheerful… She’s like “ok, buh-bye now.”

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