October 15

10/16/13: Back home to You / Hermit



It seems the daily draws this month have felt almost…schizophrenic. You know? Up and down, easy and hard, inward and outward. It’s like a dance of polarities. Yesterday was about love via choice, connection. Today, it’s “aloneness,” otherwise known as the Hermit.

Eh. You connect where you can, find friends and lovers and community, but it in the end what it means (or doesn’t) remains up to you. go. This journey can be shared or not, but it always belongs exactly to you and no one else.You take yourself everywhere you go.

People not comfortable with themselves often unconsciously manufacture situations that project said discomfort outward. They look to family, friends, coworkers as creators of their problems.

“What could I do?”

Yeah. That.

Listen: at the end of the day, you are who you are and you live in the middle of a life you have both inherited and created. Consider all the pain as well as all the gifts “raw material” with which to craft. What do you want to make out of it? What can you make out of it.

Turn off the TV, shut the door and for God’s sakes, put down the cell phone. Get quiet and let truth come to you organically. And if you are often alone…well, how about you still carve out a space where you truly quiet your mind? Because just as we can be alone in a crowd, our aloneness can become crowded. Don’t run away from yourself by skipping from past to future to your uncle’s cousin’s life. Be fully present in your aloneness.

All roads lead home, if you travel long enough—and don’t walk around in circles.

Could you use some fully present alone time?

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