March 9

Hermit (Again): Making Sense to Yourself

“I’m looking forward to being able to move around without having to think about it,” I wistfully tell Captain Virgo.

“Maybe it would be best if you did anyway,” he tosses back, not missing a beat.

That’s what I call a “60/40” joke. Sixty percent joking, forty percent serious. Although sometimes it’s the other way around. You’re never completely sure.

I’ve been thinking about why I broke my leg. Not in the “not thinking about moving” way. In the energetic way. Because in my world, that’s how I conceive all of it: thought energy, emotional energy, creative energy, ultimately manifested physically.

I mean, I fell and spectacularly broke my leg roughly 12 hours after I saw my dad take his last breath. The broken leg was a rather dramatic culmination of an intense, demanding and (sometimes) dramatic year for me.

I’m not complaining, and I don’t think I made a mistake with my choices. I’m glad I was able to be here for all of it, however tough it was at times.

Dad and I, last October.

I’m doing well enough recovering at this point. I’ve got a lot of care and love in my life and it helps. A lot. This is also true with the energetic varieties of rebuilding strength, I think.

But much like the cards we see next week, it’s still a solitary endeavor, making sense of everything. That’s part of how I define “recovery” for myself. Understanding where I’m at, how I got here but far more importantly, how I’ll ambulate into the future. I’m working on getting my energetic mobility back along with the physical counterpart.

I know, however, I’ll come out all the better for it. Gotta respect the Hermit, man!

This week in the Cards

 The Hermit (again) with advice from reversed Ten of Cups. From Legacy of the Divine Tarot deck.

Audio of this week’s forecast here. Transcript below.

Outlook this week is The Hermit. Many people have been in their own mental space, their own emotional space, looking at the world, at situations, at questions, at struggles, at whatever dilemma that they have individually, alone, from their very own unique and specific perspective.

In a sense, that’s really helpful in terms of additional clarity, additional wisdom, and whatever. Sometimes you’ve got to filter out all the static before you can really hear your own thoughts, feelings, perspective, and particularly inner voice.

That’s where we’re at in terms of the environment in general. There has been a tendency for people to isolate or polarize. I’m not thinking so much in terms of world stage or national stage or bigger picture, although that’s possible. I’m thinking more in terms of interpersonal and smaller groups. That’s the general vibe outlook.

Advice, we have the ten of cups reversed. Acknowledge and feel and understand the loving connections that you have going on in your life, but don’t lose your individual perspective in the process.

Also understand that although you feel like some of the other people that are in your close circle do have some grasp of where you’re coming from? It’s not complete.

They know what you’ve told them. It’s going to take more words to get the message across. These words are going to have to be direct, much like what we talked about last week, it’s got to be based on your truth. And you can’t take for granted that somebody else knows how you think and feel.

So, advice wise, I mean, make sure you’re stabilized, okay? First of all, and then give yourself permission as you feel clear on the questions and matters at hand to share that with the other people in your life or the other people it affects.

You don’t have to dump the message out all at once. In fact, it’s a little bit at a time. A little bit at a time. Okay, if this topic comes up, you have a frank conversation. When the next topic comes up, you have a frank conversation.

I don’t feel like you need to create some spreadsheet and visual aids and whatever and hand them out to people. But be prepared to talk honestly, be prepared to talk frankly, and be prepared to have to offer some explanation, metaphor, insight as to why you’re at where you’re at in order for the people that you want to communicate this to to hear it clearly.

Now, that’s not saying that everybody needs to understand everything you think or everything you do. If your goal is to be completely understood by another human being, you’re always going to fail. Nobody else can get into your head to that level. But you can communicate in general, otherwise, and important messages. People who care about you will try to understand. Just know that your perspective is unique and it’s not going to be without explanation.

That’s what I got for you this week. I hope it’s helpful. Much love and peace out.

Bye-bye from the Zen goddess.

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Hermit, Legacy of the Divine, Ten of Cups

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