January 17

01/18/14: Truth = Needle in a Haystack? / Hanged Man Rx, Page of Pentacles Rx


Hanged Man, Page Pentacles RxThe cards today make me think of a 3000-page government report, with the main conclusions buried on page 1093, midway into the fourteenth footnote. Finding what you are looking for here is like going on an archeological dig. Except the site is littered with modern reproductions amidst historical treasures. It’s hard to suss out!

The Hanged Man reversed and the Page of Pentacles reversed insisted on popping out together today. What are you gonna do, man? They are paired with “Crowning Influences” to make up our daily forecast.

Honestly? This duo makes me want to take a nap!

The Hanged Man reversed signals lack of clarity, possibly paralyzed with wondering, whether to act or wait. He literally doesn’t know which end is up. The reversed Page of Pentacles gets overwhelmed with detail and tends towards OCD, fixating on bits and pieces of the puzzle while losing sight of the picture on the box. As crowing influences, these two cards combine to make for a difficult-to-penetrate layer of muck.

I’m sorry to be handing you this. But it is what it is. Expect smokescreens, misdirection, omissions, unnecessary detail, mixed motivations, and hidden agendas. And don’t be shocked if there is an unconscious element to it all, or you suddenly realize some of the confusion is stemming from within. As they are showing up as “crowning influences,” some may be either psychologically rooted or expressions of people in power.

The truth is there, somewhere, under layers of confusion. My best advice to you is to do a gut-check to point the way. Your intuition will never steer you wrong, even if the outer presentation of reality might.

And if it’s possible, I’m not joking about the nap. Sleep on important decisions. It helps.

Are you confused yet?

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot
by Us Games Systems[Trimmed and Glittered]

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Deck of 1000 Spreads
by Tierney Sadler

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Deck of 1000 Spreads, Hanged Man, Page of Pentacles, Radiant Rider Waite

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